Monday, September 11

Weekend Play in the Outdoors

I finally realized one of my fantasies, and that is to have a play scene out in the secluded woods. Sub y and I spent saturday night and most of sunday at a chalet up north. I feel so pampered and spoiled.

The fact that there's no running water at the chalet, sub y had to work a bit harder by fetching water from a spring for my morning bath. Also I was feeling a bit sick so he was a complete sweetheart making my tea, getting cough syrup, and making sure that I was doing fine.

Before going to bed on saturday night, we had a little wax play. I LOVE pouring hot wax onto a submissive, almost as much as having wax poured over me. To me, candle wax play can be quite a sensual experience. To have the wax droplets hit your skin to create intense heat then feel it cool off. Wax can be used to decorate your body like art. Depending on where the wax hits, it can be from medium pain to intense pain ... but only for a second. Unless you build up the intensity by letting wax drop over the same spot. Yes, I have a fascination with wax play.

The following day, we took a little walk to scout for the perfect play spot, away from the passerbys. It was a great location full of trees to muffle sounds. Sub y had bought a new electrical toy. I had lots of fun comparing the electric toy with an electric fly zapper. His male tidbits were completely vulnerable. Actually HE was completely vulnerable as I tied him to a tree without a shirt on and his pants were to his ankles. Since he couldn't move, I pretty much had a free for all with him.

The whole experience was fun for both of us. I hope to visit again. But in the meantime, I'll think up lots of thing to do when I get there.

~Domina Jade

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