Saturday, December 16

When jokes turn out the truth

One day at work, I decided to wear all black with just a wide leather belt with zippers and metal studs. A co-worker said as a joke, "Oh I know where you are going tonight, you are a dominatrix because of that belt you're wearing"

I laughed with her and simply said, "yes you got me there I am going to whip a submissive real good tonight" And that was the absolute truth!

Oh my god. Of all days to have her say that. I did have a session after work. I had left all my gear in a locker at a mall downtown so my bag wouldn't be checked at the end of my shift.

If only people knew what I do on my days off. LOL.

So has anybody else had similar experiences?? Do share :)

Domina Jade

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Anonymous said...

to many things happen to name, just a few as my mistress dom changes me from cock toy to sex slave to mistress has been asked why she is trying on collars on me in the pet store???? to keep him in line she joked....pulled over while driving , im blind folded , stripped naked in the car ,tied to the seat just as im leaving work....cop pulls us over out side of town, asks to see her lisence and asks me are you ok sir....???? i say ya she does this to me its ok....he asks for id and leaves us alone!!! tells us to have a safe canada day week end ...ya canada.
my mistress been asked by the guy at the hardware store what shes doing with 40 feet of chain cut to specific lenghts? and rope and pullies and clamps , she told the truth that its for her bed room and they didnt belive her anyway....she left her bag at work while coming to my place.her friend from work dropped off her bag to our dinner table in the restaurant one night and said she looked to see why it was so heavy and asked what do you do chain him down. and whats with the leather staps and stuff.( now she does the same to her guy) .
on vacation my lady takes her tools as she calls them, the hotel staff knocjk knock on the room door ... as im chained collared and spread eagle to the bed posts, balls tied nipples clamped and now gagged they ask is every thing ok they had a complaint of moaning and had to check , she says its me spanking my boyfriend before i tie him up , ittl be quiet now hes gagged and they laugh and chuckle and leave and appologise for bothering us not knowing how true it was!!!!!!