Tuesday, December 25

Have a Kinky XXXmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my loyal subjects.

I will resume taking sessions on December 26th. You still have a couple of days left to reserve a session before 2007 ends. Same day appointments require 2-3 hours notice.

My strap-on and other evil devices await.


Domina Jade


Thursday, December 20

DominaJade v.3 is finally DONE!

Oh my aching back .... but it's worth it.

So my site is mostly completely. I spent most of yesterday designing the site up until 5am this morning. I can't wait to take a shower and be fresh again.

I am still tweaking a bit and I see some errors. I will be fixing those soon. But at least the majority is complete and I am pretty happy with the outcome.

Learning CSS coding was not easy. But future updates will be much easier.

All feedback and comments are welcome.

Domina Jade

Thursday, December 13

Mistress Confined??

Nah ... don't think so. But here's a photo of me taken this summer.

Wednesday, December 12

Yes I know .... it's been much too long. Don't worry I am still a part of the scene. In fact I am so busy with sessions and fetish parties that I don't have time to write. Or, when I do - I don't know where to start.

The month of November has been hectic for me. From making videos, taking live sessions and tormenting submissives to attending parties. I have been one busy Mistress.

I had a session with TJ, who took a mental caning from me. We recorded the entire 3 hour session on tape and from the laptop. The video footage is being edited and will be ready in January. Be prepared to see pain and suffering - it's the real deal. During this session I really pushed TJ's limits ... there were screams and tears. But I continued on using a variety of different implements to mark his body black and blue. I felt a real connection that he not only did it to push himself but to also do it for me.

I learned to do even more intricate bondage. Now I want to get a bondage bed specifically used to secure my submissives so tightly that they cannot move one inch. Working on it ....

I cannot wait to have me own place which will be ready in January instead of December as previously scheduled. It's a smaller place than what normally I use ... but completely mine. This new location is near the Olympic Stadium. As well I am borrowing another dungeon for the time being in the Snowdom area. Yes I do consider myself a nomad at this point.

I keep saying that I am working on revamping my website ... but yes it's a work in process. There will be new photos and videos, and a Double Domme section with a few select Mistresses that I know. I can't wait.

Anyways, that's all for now.

Domina Jade

Thursday, November 8

Session Review

I had a very intense humiliation session back in October which involves verbal humiliation, penis torture, spitting, degradation, bondage and a very nice kick to the balls.

Thank you david for writing the review on your site.

Click here to read more.

If you had a session with me and wrote a testimonial please leave your comment with the review link. Thank you.

NEW!!!!! Caning Video

Hello, As you know I just LOVE to cane my submissives. I was caning subp in one of my sessions when I remembered having my laptop nearby. So here we have an impromptu webcam video of the session. The original is 30 minutes long. Please note that I will not be putting it on sale, rather it's a preview of my Caning Special Tuesday when you book a live session with me. Enjoy!

(Editing by Slippy Productions)

Thank you subp for allowing me to video tape you. You were a real trooper for taking one hundred lashes. He not only took my bamboo cane but also my wooden paddles, rubber stick, floggers and more. By the end of the session his leathery ass turned a nice shade of dark red and blue.

Montreal's Premier Asian Mistress

Thursday, November 1

Pushing Our Limits

What a month! Seems like my caning special Tuesdays have stirred a bit of an interest. In fact I am working on a 10-15 sec clip for you to view .... when my updated site is complete.

I have enjoyed pushing numerous submissives, one or two even to tears.

Actually I want to share a session that I had with T.J. He's the one in the picture with the caning marks that I had shown some month ago.

Sometimes the most intense sessions are the ones where I am not in 'Domme' gear. I am talking about the spontaneous because I am in the mood moments. What's special about this session was that I not only pushed T.J to flowing tears but I even pushed myself as a Mistress.

I have no problems in pushing the limits of submissives that I come to see me in session. However the emotions that I feel is different when the person you play with also happens to be very close to you. At that point, I find myself on the cautious side not to harm him. Obviously you treat a submissive differently when it's someone you know versus someone you see as a client.

But that also means that I am not letting myself go. However that changed when I decided to go further and really let him feel the pain, the tears and welts across his ass. That meant my hand was going to hurt as well. But it was all worth it.

I have never had such a workout spanking his bottom with my bare hands before T.J. My hands turned bright red from all the hard slapping. It took several days before the buzzing feeling subsided. Looks like I will be wearing gloves next time, or perhaps use the paddle ;)

So what did we do? I flogged him, choked him, spanked him, bound him up, caned him and tortured his balls. I discovered an intense sadistic side of myself. I already like to see submissive suffer for me. But it was more satisfying knowing that he had never been pushed like this from anyone before. Likewise, I had never pushed myself as a Mistress nor had such an intense session before him.

It was truly music to my ears to hear him scream out in anguished pain. And his red teary eyes looking back at me as if to say .... I am yours. And yes he is mine.

So I take that experience with me everytime I have a session with someone new. I won't necessarily bring someone to tears immediately ... but I won't hesitate let myself go when the moment is right.

Tuesday, October 9

Tuesday, October 2

Yet another debate over pro-Dommes

People will always have their own opinions about pro-Dommes. Some say that we are not "real" Mistress because of the tribute in question, or that pro Dommes are actually submissive because they cater to men who want to be dominated. I see this topic debated over and over again is discussion forums such as CollarMe, my blog and now my Yahoo 360 account (not often used)

So Fluff Daddy Whorebucks says, "You do realize dear Domina Jade that to dominant for money as a 'pro' you are ironically sexually serving your clients - a submissive act in and of itself. Don't get me wrong - it's just peachy to 'assertively' sexually serve for money as a dominant as long as you sincerely realize you it is an act of submission;-]"

To which I reply, "Fluff Daddy - Now who says there is any sex involve with my professional domination? As for real life S/M scenes do you not also negotiate what a submissive is interested in and what his limits are? Same goes for pro sessions. However I still decide what I want to do with the submissive. You can say what you want about the pro-Dommes but it's a "service" that will be needed as long as there are male submissives without a Mistress. Ask any of my submissive clients and they'll tell you that even though they pay for a session, I remain in control and there is no Topping from bottom."

Okay so my submissive clients will let me know what type of fetish they want to explore, what their limits are and what they fantasize about. But do you not also fill out a list when meeting a non-pro Mistress for the first time? This is called the negotiation process to determine whether or not a submissive is suitable for the Mistress. Although I am a professional Mistress and 'cater' to submissives I still make sure that I am doing things that "I" truly enjoy.

But it is how Fluffy regards professional domination as a sexual act. Let me clarify .... There is NO sex involve in any of my professional sessions. And I think that's where the misconception lies. Sure there will always be a few sketchy Mistresses out there who do offer but I guess that will be her choice. However the majority of pro-Dommes are very strict about the no sex rule.

To become a professional Dominatrix is your personal choice. Just like someone who wants to be a masseuse, escort, or whatever fancies you. I am happy to be who I am today but I will be damned to let someone else Label me submissive even though I am not. Switch, maybe ... submissive no.

One last thing about grammar (HUGE pet peeve) You do realize dear Domina Jade that to dominant for money should read You do realize dear Domina Jade that to DOMINATE for money

Okay that's it for now.

Domina Jade

Wednesday, September 19

What's Kinky with Dr. Laurie Betito

Mark Friday, September 21st on your calendar because I will guest speak with Mistress Vanisha on Dr. Laurie Betito's Passion radio show. The segment will talk about what is the definition of being kinky, how one becomes a pro-Domme and more. Friday's show will broadcast in Toronto however you can go to Newstalk 1010 CFRB website to listen over the internet live.

Dr. Laurie Betito takes your intimate calls about love, sex and relationships on PASSION, Monday though Friday 10 pm - 11 pm on Newstalk 1010 CFRB.

Dr. Laurie is a Psychologist and Sex Therapist in private practice. She joined the Standard Radio family about 18 years ago when she co-hosted a show on Montreal's MIX 96 called "The Loveline". She joined CJAD 800 in Montreal 9 years ago with her own nightly talk show. Montrealers have been getting the best sex-ed ever since. Passion is the only show of its kind in town. Each Saturday night she takes on a different issue facing couples, singles, and teens. From aphrodisiacs to zoophilia, Dr. Laurie covers all the bases. She shies away from nothing. Some of her guests have included porn stars, lap dancers, and tantric sex instructors. But if it matters to your or your body, Dr. Laurie can make you feel comfortable talking about it... sexual dysfunction, infidelity, teen sex, Dr. Laurie gives her advice on any problem troubling your heart. She offers her opinions on a wide range of topics. Tune in to Passion and get first hand experience.

Tuesday, September 11

Join my Jade's Worship Club

So I figure that it's time to set up a group all about ME :)

What should you expect?? Monthly photo updates, reviews, session stories, events calendar and little contests. It's more interactive and there will be plenty of discussions. So do yourself a favor and join right now - it's FREE.

p.s I am still building the group with content. Be patient since I am also busy with my life as a sexuality adviser, pro-Domme and events planner.

Google Groups

Subscribe to Jade's Worship Club


Visit this group

Monday, September 10

Whipping session with T.J

I am so proud of T.J for taking a good ass whopping from me. Here are the photos taken the following day.

Sunday, September 9

New Photo Teaser

I am currently in the process of updating my photo gallery and website. But in the meantime here are a few photo teasers.

Domina Jade

Friday, September 7

Performance at Club Sin

Come see me perform live at:

Club Cleopatra at 1230 St. Laurent Blvd, 2nd floor
Friday September 7th, 2007

Doors open at 10pm and tickets are $10

Show starts at around midnight so be there earlier.

Check my previous photos here

Thursday, August 30

Bal Erotique Pic

I can't wait to get body painted again. Thanks Remy

Tuesday, August 28

Copy Cats = Questionable Intelligence??

I really don't know how anyone can be so dishonorable to copy someone else's web content. Of course I am talking about my website and having some pages copied and pasted word for word onto another LOCAL "Mistress" site. Did you think that I would not know about it??? I randomly check on the directories of who's new and what's happening in the fetish scene. So of course when I came across www.dominatrixjaye.com and saw so many similarities I emailed her with a warning:

August 15th, 2007

Hi Jaye

My name is Domina Jade, you probably know me from my website www.dominajade.ca which you have blatantly copied and pasted a whole lot of text from. I am giving you 24 hours to either come up with your own words or take the copied text out completely.

Pages in question from http://www.dominatrixjaye.com:

Rules and especially Services page when you say.

"Note: Although Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) may be considered erotic in nature it does not lead to prostitution!!! Under NO circumstance will I engage in sex, oral sex, intimate body worship, incest, bestiality, permanent bodily harm, non-consentual activity or any unlawful acts. I may at my discretion allow you self administered release. However if the end result is only for sexual gratification and not for the sake of BDSM then please look elsewhere.

New applicatants should check out the Appointment page before setting setting up an appointment. As mentioned earlier, I am very particular in those wishing to join my growing stable of submissives. I prefer to have deep and personal experiences through my sessions. As such, not all newcomers will suit my needs and demands. If you want to make sure that we are compatible before meeting then I suggest that you call me on Niteflirt."

I can understand finding inspiration in other sites. I know that I always do my research, however, I do not tolerate word for word plagiarism. I hope that you will take this seriously. I have put a lot of effort into making my site. It is not respectful to steal content without proper credit given.


Domina Jade

I gave her a proper warning and a chance to fix her site. So when her website was down for a couple of days thereafter I naturally assumed that she was heeding my advice and putting things into her own words. Good girl.

Then I get this email from her:

August 21st, 2007

sorry, i told my webmaster to create something as an example of what was written. It was just an example of what I had in mind.

I apologize, i didnt evenm know he just copied word for word. I will make sure he changes it.

Thanks for letting me know

Sure no problems Jaye, I am pretty understand BUT the problem is I checked today and surprise surprise, NOTHING was changed on your website.

I see that as a huge problem for me. Now I know that you might be somewhat of a smart cookie however copying and pasting content that is not yours will certainly give me doubts. What you have done not only says that you are not creative enough to think on your own but also I question your skill as a "Mistress" as you claim to be.

See what happens when you tick a more experienced and well-known Mistress off? Seems that my goodwill towards you is all for naught. And now people know what a sham you are.


Domina Jade

Tuesday Specials - 99cents per minute

Today is Tuesday and you know what that means. For all you cheapies it's the perfect time to give me a call because it's only 99cents per minute. Take advantage to be trained as a submissive or to get your dosage of Jade humiliation.


All calls made today or on any special listing is 10 minutes. No excuses. If you fail to honor this rule then you are blocked. So set a time where you will not be interrupted before calling me.

I want to start training submissives long term, so be prepared to disclose more information about yourself.

you are not allowed to masturbate or cum unless I instruct you to do so.

Feel free to send you your weeny dick pics before calling.

Have your toys ready because I WILL use your body by torturing or tease & denial.

Have a formal introduction and recite: "Hello Mistress Jade, my name is ........ and I am at your command." Followed by any compliments you choose and then ask how you may be of service to me.


Basically only call me if you are truly serious about serving me. This no longer just fantasy role-play. I will use you to my own advantage. Be honored that I allow some time for you.

1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext: 0696571
All NEW callers will receive 3 Free minutes.
Check my schedule or to place a call on Niteflirt

Domina Jade

Wednesday, August 22

jerked chicken, strangulations and golden showers Oh My!

Last night I had a great evening with sub_francois. We went out for some really good Caribbean food .... Mmmmm I recommend the jerk chicked at Mango Bay. "Simply fuckin delicious" is what I say.

There was the topic of stragulation that came up. Actually I brought that up because I enjoy the act of strangulation play. Of course one must be very careful with this type of edge play. But I get a kick out of seeing a submissive struggling for air. I love seeing my hand wrap around someone's neck and see them gasping.However keep in mind that conscent is always required and talk about it BEFORE engaging in this type of play.

After dinner, we went to Sexe Cite to check out a few outfits. sub_francois promised me shopping so that's what we did. I opted for a lovely red and black pvc underbust corset. It looked stunning - I am debating whether I should wear sans bra for the Fetish Weekend though. Either way it looks great with or without a bra.

What followed was an ass whooping session back at the hotel. I made sure that he would feel it the next day. So?? Am I right francois >:) I went from my bare hands to my favorite leather flogger. I love it when the ass jiggles a bit. It makes for a beautiful slapping sound.

sub_francois was lucky though. He got to see me prance around the hotel room with a pair of black thongs and the underbust corset ... no bra. Of course I did cover my nipples with red tape shaped into an "x". He shouldn't be THAT lucky, hehe.

There was plenty of rope play as well of the torture of his genitals. Oh how I love CBT action. Seeing him whimper in pain as I either slap or whip his balls. Although he had a different reaction if I did the same to his penis. If anything, that made him so much harder. Mmmmmm I wonder why? Maybe it was how I wound the rope real tight around his penis or that he just enjoyed any sort of touch.

After the session I was absolutely tired. It was going on past midnight afterall. I took a sip of water, then sub_francois asked permission to drink as well. What from my glass? No, but he joked that he'd drink from the toilet bowl. I chuckled with him
and allowed him his water.

Funny thing is sometimes jokes do seem like good ideas. So after I took a piss, I called sub_francois before flushing. I decided to dunk his head into my pissed in water. I thought that was such a hoot. While his head was still in the toilet I gave it a flush. We both thought that was hilarious.

Well I had a lot of fun. Thank you francois for entertaining me. I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Domina Jade

Tuesday, August 21

Wednesday, August 15

Re-Cap of Censored Festival

Whew! What a busy month July and August has been for me.

Actually July was my lazy month. Then by August I was busy with Censored Festival and sessions. I am pretty happy with the turnout of CF considering that it was their first year. I am looking forward to Censored Festival 2008.

I performed with Marianne Cheesecake which was an part of an act in Fetish Theater: The Evolution of Fetish. I have to say that the year 2007 is a year of trying new things. It was the first time for me to really perform on stage in front of so many people. I'd have to say that I am very proud of our act. As soon as the video has been edited I will post it on my blog.

I had given two workshops, Introduction to Anal Play and Good Girls Guide to Dirty Talking. I found that not enough promo were given to the workshops, but my small group allowed for more intimate discussions. It was also my first time presenting a workshop so I guess the small group was not so intimidating. Overall I really enjoyed doing the research and educating people. I am just wondering if there will be an interest on workshops for newbie submissives. We're talking learning about behavior protocols, how to approach a Mistress, how to set up your first pro-Domme session, understanding why you enjoy submission, etc. Feel free to comment.

Let's not forget the parties. I went to Melt, Bal Erotique and Robots and Dolls. All were AWESOME.

Melt which was held at Club Sky is a perfect mix of great music and play area. Upstairs on the mezzanine was the lounge where people can watch the dancers below. There was a wood frame for some bondage however I felt the the lighting was incredible poor. Hence not too many people took advantage of that play space. Which is a shame really. Hopefully Isabeau of Fetiche School will consider better lighting next time.

The play area downstairs at Melt was fixed so that players would be on one end and spectators are on the other end. There was enough room to move about without too much of bumping into each other. We have the two sided cross, spanking bench, kneeling bench, and the wheel.

My best kink friend Mistress Jade Dragon played with candles and wax over her saran wrapped submissive, toriko. He was absolutely bound while Mistress J.D poured hot wax over his slim body. She makes wax play so look so sensual and beautiful. This is especially true when she flicks wax according to the music.

I played with subtj on the spanking bench and the turning wheel. But that night I felt like a voyeur so I allowed both Mistress Jade Dragon and Sir Master MArc to play with my boytoy. It really pleased me to see two of my close friends making good use of my submissive. I might put him to good use elsewhere, such as the next FemmeDomme Society event.

The following week was Bal Erotique which was held at Club Opera. The whole event was absolute eye candy as we had performances from the Pin Up Saints throughout the whole night. There was never a shortage of sexy people dancing to great music. Plenty of caressing and fondling. What a night that was. Can't wait for next years Bal.

Then of course Robots & Dolls event at the Just for Laughs Museum. I was dressed up as a Robot/Doll with the help of artist Remy who airbrushed some cool designs on my body. So basically I only wore heels and gold lamé shorts and nothing else :) Be sure to check out the photos taken by SlippyProductions :

Photo Gallery 1
Photo Gallery 2

Well that's all for now. Be sure to tune in for more photos and the video of Fetish Theater. Gotta go now, I have a session at 4pm.

Lotsa whips,

Domina Jade

Tuesday, July 17

The Landlord

Totally unrelated to bdsm but I think this video is soooo cute that I had to pass on. Enjoy!

The Landlord

Auto Phone Sex

Auto Phone Sex

Thursday, June 28

Pro-Domme from now on

I have come to the realization that no matter what full-time job that I take besides domination I won't be happy. Sure a regular job will promise me security but it also brings in many hassles such grouchy bosses, deadlines, pressures, stress and somtimes random stupidity from other co-workers. So I am saying to hell with all that. I am going Pro-Domme full-time. I have joined forces with my good friend Ciara from DomAssist, who will be booking sessions and taking calls. Feel free to call her at (514)991-7003 if you have any questions.

However I want to clear up that my reasons for going professional Dominatrix isn't just for money. It's a way to completely express myself and to really practice my skill and talents. Everytime I whip you, tie you up, tease or try new torture methods
then my inner Domme grows stronger and stronger. I LOVE the fetish world. So why not be a part of that world on a regular basis. Now, you get to be a part of my world now that my time is not so limited. Visit my website and fill an application now.

Mark your calendar for my first on-stage show with Contessa Alura and Mistress Elsa at Club Sin on July 6th. Tickets are on sale right now.

Thursday, May 10

Webcam with AsianRaveGirl

Okay, my niteflirt and webcam is back in action. And to top it off I am also offering duo webcam with the lovely AsianRaveGirl

Here are a few pics taken a few months ago.

Fetish Friday

Oh wow, it's been since February that I had last posted. Missed me??? You had better ;)

Well life happens especially during the winter. I tend to veg more so there's not much action going on with exception to Bain Mathieu parties. But now that the weather is getting a lot nicer I find myself more active.

I went to Fetish Friday to see Mistress Mai and Master Luk perform a fetish act. It was really good, included lots of latex of course. If you want to see the photos be sure to check out www.ClubSin.ca

I also have a few photos of myself there as well. But I will post them here:

Stay tuned for more photos as I am planning of doing a couple more photoshoots.

Domina Jade

Sunday, February 4

Email Blips

My hosting company had changed servers which regretfully led to me not getting my e-mails.

So if you were one of such person(s) who had emailed me using appointment(at)dominajade(dot)ca and never gotten a response, I was not ignoring you. Now that the problem has been rectified, you can go ahead and re-send me your application form. I should be able to respond back within 48-72 hours as I am catching up ... slowly.

Domina Jade

FemDomme Society Dinner

This year our 2nd annual FemDomme Society dinner will once again be held at Hot n' Spicy right along Decarie. We will be celebrating the Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig.

The main organizers are HeadMistress Jade Dragon, Lady Nikki and myself. Please come join us for dinner and meet new and already known faces. You must reserve in advance HERE. For my loyal blog readers who are coming to dinner please use discount code "jadesfriend" when you reserve online.

Date: February 18th, 2007
Time: 6:00-10:00pm

Location: Hot n' Spicy Restaurant
7373 Decarie Blvd.
(Corner Jean Talon, across from Namur Metro)
Montreal, QC
H4P 2G8

~Domina Jade

Saturday, February 3

I've got a nasty sore throat. Bloody hell. This morning I had to take Buckleys which is some nasty shit, but actually works. As you can tell right now, I am cranky. Having a flaming throat gets you that way especially when I cannot even speak properly anymore. My voice is either too low or I completely lose it to a minor squeak.

It was my day off and I was called in to do a duo session with Mistress Kali over at CMF. I really really want to take my mind off my misery and just spank or flog away. Unfortunately the submissive is a wimp at pain. Boohoo for me. Of course I respected his limits and restrained myself. He was more into tease and denial.

Which Kali and I were discussing prior to the session, what is considered tease and denial?? Being professional Mistresses Kali and I do not offer any sort of sexual touching. So with that in mind, what do you consider a tease??

I know that I can tease and deny a submissive over the phone pretty well because I can be quite explicit with phone sex. However in person sessions are quite different. Tonight I teased him a bit with my feet, pretended to fuck him from behind by dry humping (clothes on of course) even aroused him quite a bit by wrapping his dick with a nylon flogger.

So my question is, what you are seeking tease and denial from a pro-Domme, what is your definition?

Monday, January 22

Weekend Shopping Spree

This past saturday slave georges and I went out shopping for a new outfit to wear. I wanted to make sure that I looked stunning (as if I don't already :P) at Fetish School 3.0 party held at Bain Mathieu this Jan. 26th.

First we went to Cruella on Mont Royal. They carry mostly Lip Service fetish wear. I tried on several pencil skirts and pvc tops. Unfortunately a lot of the clothes are not made for my body type i.e extremely curvy, so I would not recommend going if you happen to have big boobs and a nice size butt. The designs on many of the clothes were interesting however it was made with skinny girls in mind. I finally picked out a pvc pencil skirt with corset style closing in the back and kick ass hosiery that looks like thigh high stocking but had corset style snaps in the back.

Next we went to Il Bolero which is located on St Hubert. Il Bolero has a great selection of PVC fetish wear. They are pretty much stocked up on lingerie, costumes for role-play, pvc and they even have some bdsm toys. I will admit that it is a bit pricey, but they made they own pvc gear and can make alterations. I had ripped one of my pvc tops but I was able to have it repaired. Well I was spoiled with a lovely pvc bustier with red accents and metal button snaps on the side.

Lastly we stopped at Go West, a shoe store also located on St Hubert. We arrived 10 minutes before closing. I love this store because it has great selection on heels and boots priced between $20-$50. If you are looking for leather cowboy boots then you certainly get selection here. Of course cowboy boots will be a lot pricier. I selected a pair of open toe red pumps and calf length boots which have lots of folds. The red pumps will go with my outfit.

I enjoy going out shopping with submissives. Of course it goes both ways because the lucky sub gets to see me model in fetish wear and help my put on sexy shoes.

Now, I just need some new toys ;)

Domina Jade

Friday, January 19

New audio sample - dildo fucking

I decided to record my side of a dildo fucking phone session. Of course this is after I made him paddle himself 26 times and one for good luck on each cheek. Even though I wasn't the one spanking, I made sure that it hurt.

Imagine how he'd feel sitting on a chair and a dildo stuck up his ass *evil grin*

Domina Jade

It's not the best recording (static) since it was taken from my MP3 player.

Friday, January 12

Canal Full of Poo

This is the shit!!!! Fuckin hilarious.

Domina Jade

Thursday, January 11

Everything Fetish in 1 minute

LOVE this commercial. I was laughing my head off the whole time. Especially "Tea Bagging"

Domina Jade

Sunday, January 7

So THIS is skill


"Go fuck yourself!" Has new meaning.

What's your skill??

Simple question really. What are your skills?

"I am open minded and I am good with my tongue"

WRONG!!! Do not use "my tongue" as a skill. I don't fuckin care if you make the Queen of England call out your name. Your tongue will NOT go near me. Except perhaps to clean the crud off my shoe and THAT would be all.

I can shoe shine your boots till you can see your reflection, I can make you floggers and paddles, I am a web designer, I am a very good cook, I can clean so well that even Martha Stewart will be impressed, I am a huge painslut - THOSE are skills.

Fine you can use your tongue in many non-sexual ways i.e clean my boots or the toilet. However if that's the first "skill" that you utter to me then 99.99% it's a sexual thought. And I do not care about that. Well okay I do - but I don't mix business with that sort of pleasure.

Anyways that's the end of my rant today - unless some other bozo comes up with another "skill" I would not approve of.

~Domina Jade

Nothing like a good sweat

Like any New Years resolution I want to get into tip top shape. However I must admit that I truly need someone to kick me into shape .... and no I am not asking for volunteers. But I need to be motivated and pushed if I want to go to the gym at least three times a week.

But imagine this scenario. I have been playing it in my head of what would make an interesting scene. A submissive who is a professional trainer that accompanies me to the gym. We work up a good sweat doing the threadmill, stationary bikes, stairmaster and even weights. He of course still serves me by bringing my water bottle and wiping my face with a towel when I say "Fetch!" or "Wipe!" Hehe.

However the real fun begins afterwards when I am home all drenched in sweat and smelling of b.o. That's when I make him worship my stinky feet as I trample over his face, have him sniff my armpits, lick my ass .... haha yeah right. Keep dreaming. It's more like I take of my dirty panties and make him wear it over his head.

Even without the ass kissing, I am sure it's submissive heaven to serve me this way. What do you think?? Think you can handle this humiliation?

~Domina Jade

Wednesday, January 3