Monday, January 22

Weekend Shopping Spree

This past saturday slave georges and I went out shopping for a new outfit to wear. I wanted to make sure that I looked stunning (as if I don't already :P) at Fetish School 3.0 party held at Bain Mathieu this Jan. 26th.

First we went to Cruella on Mont Royal. They carry mostly Lip Service fetish wear. I tried on several pencil skirts and pvc tops. Unfortunately a lot of the clothes are not made for my body type i.e extremely curvy, so I would not recommend going if you happen to have big boobs and a nice size butt. The designs on many of the clothes were interesting however it was made with skinny girls in mind. I finally picked out a pvc pencil skirt with corset style closing in the back and kick ass hosiery that looks like thigh high stocking but had corset style snaps in the back.

Next we went to Il Bolero which is located on St Hubert. Il Bolero has a great selection of PVC fetish wear. They are pretty much stocked up on lingerie, costumes for role-play, pvc and they even have some bdsm toys. I will admit that it is a bit pricey, but they made they own pvc gear and can make alterations. I had ripped one of my pvc tops but I was able to have it repaired. Well I was spoiled with a lovely pvc bustier with red accents and metal button snaps on the side.

Lastly we stopped at Go West, a shoe store also located on St Hubert. We arrived 10 minutes before closing. I love this store because it has great selection on heels and boots priced between $20-$50. If you are looking for leather cowboy boots then you certainly get selection here. Of course cowboy boots will be a lot pricier. I selected a pair of open toe red pumps and calf length boots which have lots of folds. The red pumps will go with my outfit.

I enjoy going out shopping with submissives. Of course it goes both ways because the lucky sub gets to see me model in fetish wear and help my put on sexy shoes.

Now, I just need some new toys ;)

Domina Jade

Friday, January 19

New audio sample - dildo fucking

I decided to record my side of a dildo fucking phone session. Of course this is after I made him paddle himself 26 times and one for good luck on each cheek. Even though I wasn't the one spanking, I made sure that it hurt.

Imagine how he'd feel sitting on a chair and a dildo stuck up his ass *evil grin*

Domina Jade

It's not the best recording (static) since it was taken from my MP3 player.

Friday, January 12

Canal Full of Poo

This is the shit!!!! Fuckin hilarious.

Domina Jade

Thursday, January 11

Everything Fetish in 1 minute

LOVE this commercial. I was laughing my head off the whole time. Especially "Tea Bagging"

Domina Jade

Sunday, January 7

So THIS is skill


"Go fuck yourself!" Has new meaning.

What's your skill??

Simple question really. What are your skills?

"I am open minded and I am good with my tongue"

WRONG!!! Do not use "my tongue" as a skill. I don't fuckin care if you make the Queen of England call out your name. Your tongue will NOT go near me. Except perhaps to clean the crud off my shoe and THAT would be all.

I can shoe shine your boots till you can see your reflection, I can make you floggers and paddles, I am a web designer, I am a very good cook, I can clean so well that even Martha Stewart will be impressed, I am a huge painslut - THOSE are skills.

Fine you can use your tongue in many non-sexual ways i.e clean my boots or the toilet. However if that's the first "skill" that you utter to me then 99.99% it's a sexual thought. And I do not care about that. Well okay I do - but I don't mix business with that sort of pleasure.

Anyways that's the end of my rant today - unless some other bozo comes up with another "skill" I would not approve of.

~Domina Jade

Nothing like a good sweat

Like any New Years resolution I want to get into tip top shape. However I must admit that I truly need someone to kick me into shape .... and no I am not asking for volunteers. But I need to be motivated and pushed if I want to go to the gym at least three times a week.

But imagine this scenario. I have been playing it in my head of what would make an interesting scene. A submissive who is a professional trainer that accompanies me to the gym. We work up a good sweat doing the threadmill, stationary bikes, stairmaster and even weights. He of course still serves me by bringing my water bottle and wiping my face with a towel when I say "Fetch!" or "Wipe!" Hehe.

However the real fun begins afterwards when I am home all drenched in sweat and smelling of b.o. That's when I make him worship my stinky feet as I trample over his face, have him sniff my armpits, lick my ass .... haha yeah right. Keep dreaming. It's more like I take of my dirty panties and make him wear it over his head.

Even without the ass kissing, I am sure it's submissive heaven to serve me this way. What do you think?? Think you can handle this humiliation?

~Domina Jade

Wednesday, January 3