Sunday, January 7

Nothing like a good sweat

Like any New Years resolution I want to get into tip top shape. However I must admit that I truly need someone to kick me into shape .... and no I am not asking for volunteers. But I need to be motivated and pushed if I want to go to the gym at least three times a week.

But imagine this scenario. I have been playing it in my head of what would make an interesting scene. A submissive who is a professional trainer that accompanies me to the gym. We work up a good sweat doing the threadmill, stationary bikes, stairmaster and even weights. He of course still serves me by bringing my water bottle and wiping my face with a towel when I say "Fetch!" or "Wipe!" Hehe.

However the real fun begins afterwards when I am home all drenched in sweat and smelling of b.o. That's when I make him worship my stinky feet as I trample over his face, have him sniff my armpits, lick my ass .... haha yeah right. Keep dreaming. It's more like I take of my dirty panties and make him wear it over his head.

Even without the ass kissing, I am sure it's submissive heaven to serve me this way. What do you think?? Think you can handle this humiliation?

~Domina Jade


saratoga said...

Actually, yes, that is heavenly. I've done that with my Mistress. After a hard, long bicycle ride, or an intensive cardio and weight workout, we have returned to Her home. There, I gave Her a complete tongue bath, with special, lingering attention to Her underarms, feet, under Her breasts, Her Cleft and ass. Delectable, indeed. She came many times.

It's a sort of intimate, chemically/scent bonding activity which I love sharing with a beloved Domina, but would not be able to do casually.


Steven said...

This is my idea of heaven. i have actually fantasized of this several times and i hope someday You will allow me to fulfill this for You