Sunday, January 7

What's your skill??

Simple question really. What are your skills?

"I am open minded and I am good with my tongue"

WRONG!!! Do not use "my tongue" as a skill. I don't fuckin care if you make the Queen of England call out your name. Your tongue will NOT go near me. Except perhaps to clean the crud off my shoe and THAT would be all.

I can shoe shine your boots till you can see your reflection, I can make you floggers and paddles, I am a web designer, I am a very good cook, I can clean so well that even Martha Stewart will be impressed, I am a huge painslut - THOSE are skills.

Fine you can use your tongue in many non-sexual ways i.e clean my boots or the toilet. However if that's the first "skill" that you utter to me then 99.99% it's a sexual thought. And I do not care about that. Well okay I do - but I don't mix business with that sort of pleasure.

Anyways that's the end of my rant today - unless some other bozo comes up with another "skill" I would not approve of.

~Domina Jade

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