Saturday, February 3

I've got a nasty sore throat. Bloody hell. This morning I had to take Buckleys which is some nasty shit, but actually works. As you can tell right now, I am cranky. Having a flaming throat gets you that way especially when I cannot even speak properly anymore. My voice is either too low or I completely lose it to a minor squeak.

It was my day off and I was called in to do a duo session with Mistress Kali over at CMF. I really really want to take my mind off my misery and just spank or flog away. Unfortunately the submissive is a wimp at pain. Boohoo for me. Of course I respected his limits and restrained myself. He was more into tease and denial.

Which Kali and I were discussing prior to the session, what is considered tease and denial?? Being professional Mistresses Kali and I do not offer any sort of sexual touching. So with that in mind, what do you consider a tease??

I know that I can tease and deny a submissive over the phone pretty well because I can be quite explicit with phone sex. However in person sessions are quite different. Tonight I teased him a bit with my feet, pretended to fuck him from behind by dry humping (clothes on of course) even aroused him quite a bit by wrapping his dick with a nylon flogger.

So my question is, what you are seeking tease and denial from a pro-Domme, what is your definition?

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