Thursday, May 10

Webcam with AsianRaveGirl

Okay, my niteflirt and webcam is back in action. And to top it off I am also offering duo webcam with the lovely AsianRaveGirl

Here are a few pics taken a few months ago.

Fetish Friday

Oh wow, it's been since February that I had last posted. Missed me??? You had better ;)

Well life happens especially during the winter. I tend to veg more so there's not much action going on with exception to Bain Mathieu parties. But now that the weather is getting a lot nicer I find myself more active.

I went to Fetish Friday to see Mistress Mai and Master Luk perform a fetish act. It was really good, included lots of latex of course. If you want to see the photos be sure to check out

I also have a few photos of myself there as well. But I will post them here:

Stay tuned for more photos as I am planning of doing a couple more photoshoots.

Domina Jade