Thursday, June 28

Pro-Domme from now on

I have come to the realization that no matter what full-time job that I take besides domination I won't be happy. Sure a regular job will promise me security but it also brings in many hassles such grouchy bosses, deadlines, pressures, stress and somtimes random stupidity from other co-workers. So I am saying to hell with all that. I am going Pro-Domme full-time. I have joined forces with my good friend Ciara from DomAssist, who will be booking sessions and taking calls. Feel free to call her at (514)991-7003 if you have any questions.

However I want to clear up that my reasons for going professional Dominatrix isn't just for money. It's a way to completely express myself and to really practice my skill and talents. Everytime I whip you, tie you up, tease or try new torture methods
then my inner Domme grows stronger and stronger. I LOVE the fetish world. So why not be a part of that world on a regular basis. Now, you get to be a part of my world now that my time is not so limited. Visit my website and fill an application now.

Mark your calendar for my first on-stage show with Contessa Alura and Mistress Elsa at Club Sin on July 6th. Tickets are on sale right now.

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