Tuesday, August 28

Copy Cats = Questionable Intelligence??

I really don't know how anyone can be so dishonorable to copy someone else's web content. Of course I am talking about my website and having some pages copied and pasted word for word onto another LOCAL "Mistress" site. Did you think that I would not know about it??? I randomly check on the directories of who's new and what's happening in the fetish scene. So of course when I came across www.dominatrixjaye.com and saw so many similarities I emailed her with a warning:

August 15th, 2007

Hi Jaye

My name is Domina Jade, you probably know me from my website www.dominajade.ca which you have blatantly copied and pasted a whole lot of text from. I am giving you 24 hours to either come up with your own words or take the copied text out completely.

Pages in question from http://www.dominatrixjaye.com:

Rules and especially Services page when you say.

"Note: Although Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM) may be considered erotic in nature it does not lead to prostitution!!! Under NO circumstance will I engage in sex, oral sex, intimate body worship, incest, bestiality, permanent bodily harm, non-consentual activity or any unlawful acts. I may at my discretion allow you self administered release. However if the end result is only for sexual gratification and not for the sake of BDSM then please look elsewhere.

New applicatants should check out the Appointment page before setting setting up an appointment. As mentioned earlier, I am very particular in those wishing to join my growing stable of submissives. I prefer to have deep and personal experiences through my sessions. As such, not all newcomers will suit my needs and demands. If you want to make sure that we are compatible before meeting then I suggest that you call me on Niteflirt."

I can understand finding inspiration in other sites. I know that I always do my research, however, I do not tolerate word for word plagiarism. I hope that you will take this seriously. I have put a lot of effort into making my site. It is not respectful to steal content without proper credit given.


Domina Jade

I gave her a proper warning and a chance to fix her site. So when her website was down for a couple of days thereafter I naturally assumed that she was heeding my advice and putting things into her own words. Good girl.

Then I get this email from her:

August 21st, 2007

sorry, i told my webmaster to create something as an example of what was written. It was just an example of what I had in mind.

I apologize, i didnt evenm know he just copied word for word. I will make sure he changes it.

Thanks for letting me know

Sure no problems Jaye, I am pretty understand BUT the problem is I checked today and surprise surprise, NOTHING was changed on your website.

I see that as a huge problem for me. Now I know that you might be somewhat of a smart cookie however copying and pasting content that is not yours will certainly give me doubts. What you have done not only says that you are not creative enough to think on your own but also I question your skill as a "Mistress" as you claim to be.

See what happens when you tick a more experienced and well-known Mistress off? Seems that my goodwill towards you is all for naught. And now people know what a sham you are.


Domina Jade

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