Wednesday, August 22

jerked chicken, strangulations and golden showers Oh My!

Last night I had a great evening with sub_francois. We went out for some really good Caribbean food .... Mmmmm I recommend the jerk chicked at Mango Bay. "Simply fuckin delicious" is what I say.

There was the topic of stragulation that came up. Actually I brought that up because I enjoy the act of strangulation play. Of course one must be very careful with this type of edge play. But I get a kick out of seeing a submissive struggling for air. I love seeing my hand wrap around someone's neck and see them gasping.However keep in mind that conscent is always required and talk about it BEFORE engaging in this type of play.

After dinner, we went to Sexe Cite to check out a few outfits. sub_francois promised me shopping so that's what we did. I opted for a lovely red and black pvc underbust corset. It looked stunning - I am debating whether I should wear sans bra for the Fetish Weekend though. Either way it looks great with or without a bra.

What followed was an ass whooping session back at the hotel. I made sure that he would feel it the next day. So?? Am I right francois >:) I went from my bare hands to my favorite leather flogger. I love it when the ass jiggles a bit. It makes for a beautiful slapping sound.

sub_francois was lucky though. He got to see me prance around the hotel room with a pair of black thongs and the underbust corset ... no bra. Of course I did cover my nipples with red tape shaped into an "x". He shouldn't be THAT lucky, hehe.

There was plenty of rope play as well of the torture of his genitals. Oh how I love CBT action. Seeing him whimper in pain as I either slap or whip his balls. Although he had a different reaction if I did the same to his penis. If anything, that made him so much harder. Mmmmmm I wonder why? Maybe it was how I wound the rope real tight around his penis or that he just enjoyed any sort of touch.

After the session I was absolutely tired. It was going on past midnight afterall. I took a sip of water, then sub_francois asked permission to drink as well. What from my glass? No, but he joked that he'd drink from the toilet bowl. I chuckled with him
and allowed him his water.

Funny thing is sometimes jokes do seem like good ideas. So after I took a piss, I called sub_francois before flushing. I decided to dunk his head into my pissed in water. I thought that was such a hoot. While his head was still in the toilet I gave it a flush. We both thought that was hilarious.

Well I had a lot of fun. Thank you francois for entertaining me. I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

Domina Jade

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Anonymous said...

Yes Mistress, i felt it very much the next day, my ass was sore and OMG my poor nipples...they were extremely sensitive and even now they hurt a little...thank You Domina Jade...

The fact that You enjoyed O/our evening together pleases me very much...and reading Your blog just now has made me hard (again)...and i have to say...not only did You look stunning in the red and black pvc underbust corset...You looked absolutely fuckin amazing & hot in that red and black pvc underbust corset...WOW...someone out there has no idea what they were missing...

i enjoyed O/our evening together very much Mistress, once again thank You and i too look forward to kneeling at Your heels once again soon...