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Tuesday, October 2

Yet another debate over pro-Dommes

People will always have their own opinions about pro-Dommes. Some say that we are not "real" Mistress because of the tribute in question, or that pro Dommes are actually submissive because they cater to men who want to be dominated. I see this topic debated over and over again is discussion forums such as CollarMe, my blog and now my Yahoo 360 account (not often used)

So Fluff Daddy Whorebucks says, "You do realize dear Domina Jade that to dominant for money as a 'pro' you are ironically sexually serving your clients - a submissive act in and of itself. Don't get me wrong - it's just peachy to 'assertively' sexually serve for money as a dominant as long as you sincerely realize you it is an act of submission;-]"

To which I reply, "Fluff Daddy - Now who says there is any sex involve with my professional domination? As for real life S/M scenes do you not also negotiate what a submissive is interested in and what his limits are? Same goes for pro sessions. However I still decide what I want to do with the submissive. You can say what you want about the pro-Dommes but it's a "service" that will be needed as long as there are male submissives without a Mistress. Ask any of my submissive clients and they'll tell you that even though they pay for a session, I remain in control and there is no Topping from bottom."

Okay so my submissive clients will let me know what type of fetish they want to explore, what their limits are and what they fantasize about. But do you not also fill out a list when meeting a non-pro Mistress for the first time? This is called the negotiation process to determine whether or not a submissive is suitable for the Mistress. Although I am a professional Mistress and 'cater' to submissives I still make sure that I am doing things that "I" truly enjoy.

But it is how Fluffy regards professional domination as a sexual act. Let me clarify .... There is NO sex involve in any of my professional sessions. And I think that's where the misconception lies. Sure there will always be a few sketchy Mistresses out there who do offer but I guess that will be her choice. However the majority of pro-Dommes are very strict about the no sex rule.

To become a professional Dominatrix is your personal choice. Just like someone who wants to be a masseuse, escort, or whatever fancies you. I am happy to be who I am today but I will be damned to let someone else Label me submissive even though I am not. Switch, maybe ... submissive no.

One last thing about grammar (HUGE pet peeve) You do realize dear Domina Jade that to dominant for money should read You do realize dear Domina Jade that to DOMINATE for money

Okay that's it for now.

Domina Jade