Thursday, November 8

NEW!!!!! Caning Video

Hello, As you know I just LOVE to cane my submissives. I was caning subp in one of my sessions when I remembered having my laptop nearby. So here we have an impromptu webcam video of the session. The original is 30 minutes long. Please note that I will not be putting it on sale, rather it's a preview of my Caning Special Tuesday when you book a live session with me. Enjoy!

(Editing by Slippy Productions)

Thank you subp for allowing me to video tape you. You were a real trooper for taking one hundred lashes. He not only took my bamboo cane but also my wooden paddles, rubber stick, floggers and more. By the end of the session his leathery ass turned a nice shade of dark red and blue.

Montreal's Premier Asian Mistress


Spank_me69 said...

this only needs 3 letters...W O W!

Master Tommi Gunn said...

Well, subp it looks like the bar has been raised a few notches. The current caning lashes are up to 290. In addition to mass flogging, paddleing (24" wood double handed windups), hard hand slapping, torchering the mass welts with prodding. And finishing off the final ten blows with a 1/2" thick heavy plastic rod. Can you say Challenge? Mistress Jade and I have deffinitly reached new boarders; yes the bar has been raised dramaticlly. I am sure Mistress Jade will be adding this momentous session to her blog shortly....stay tuned. Thank you you I trust. Till next time.

Master Tommi Gunn