Thursday, November 1

Pushing Our Limits

What a month! Seems like my caning special Tuesdays have stirred a bit of an interest. In fact I am working on a 10-15 sec clip for you to view .... when my updated site is complete.

I have enjoyed pushing numerous submissives, one or two even to tears.

Actually I want to share a session that I had with T.J. He's the one in the picture with the caning marks that I had shown some month ago.

Sometimes the most intense sessions are the ones where I am not in 'Domme' gear. I am talking about the spontaneous because I am in the mood moments. What's special about this session was that I not only pushed T.J to flowing tears but I even pushed myself as a Mistress.

I have no problems in pushing the limits of submissives that I come to see me in session. However the emotions that I feel is different when the person you play with also happens to be very close to you. At that point, I find myself on the cautious side not to harm him. Obviously you treat a submissive differently when it's someone you know versus someone you see as a client.

But that also means that I am not letting myself go. However that changed when I decided to go further and really let him feel the pain, the tears and welts across his ass. That meant my hand was going to hurt as well. But it was all worth it.

I have never had such a workout spanking his bottom with my bare hands before T.J. My hands turned bright red from all the hard slapping. It took several days before the buzzing feeling subsided. Looks like I will be wearing gloves next time, or perhaps use the paddle ;)

So what did we do? I flogged him, choked him, spanked him, bound him up, caned him and tortured his balls. I discovered an intense sadistic side of myself. I already like to see submissive suffer for me. But it was more satisfying knowing that he had never been pushed like this from anyone before. Likewise, I had never pushed myself as a Mistress nor had such an intense session before him.

It was truly music to my ears to hear him scream out in anguished pain. And his red teary eyes looking back at me as if to say .... I am yours. And yes he is mine.

So I take that experience with me everytime I have a session with someone new. I won't necessarily bring someone to tears immediately ... but I won't hesitate let myself go when the moment is right.


TJ said...

Thank you Mistress Jade for that sincear account of our session together. It is greatly appreciated. Sometimes it will take a certain individual that will spawn emotions that will bring a session to a whole new level. I am greatful that it was me who moved you to that new place inside of you. That experience is one that I will never forget for the rest of my days. I am here always for you to explore yourself and to push our limits together.

Thank you Mistress Jade

Your servent, friend and much much more.....


Domina Jade said...

I promise there will be more opportunities for you to suffer for me, and you do it so beautifully. I look forward to pushing you even further this upcoming Sunday.

Ramius said...

"I have enjoyed pushing numerous submissives, one or two even to tears."

What wonderful words to read!!! U truly are sadistic indeed and I respect that very much!!