Thursday, January 24

Dominatrix video - The Hour CBC

Here's a great video explaining what a Dominatrix does.


Since my last rant, I have been pondering even leaving the business ... at least temporarily to pursue other projects. However, that would suck for my regular submissive clients who do enjoy domination for what it is.

I still stand by my opinions when I say, escort agencies that hire submissives and Dominatrix will eventually ruin the business here in Montreal. I am simply not going to play the catch up game. Even when I first started going Pro, I already had a good idea of what my values and ideals were. I knew what I would and would not do, and did not tolerate 'topping from bottom.'

My first experience was at a dungeon, but after 1 week I knew that I had to be Independent. I simply did not accept so called submissives expecting me to open my legs or show more because they are used to that type of behavior. If anything I was a lot rougher and even lectured them for being disrespectful towards a Mistress. Needless to say I didn't last long among the dungeon's clientel. But it wasn't a huge loss for me since they didn't stimulate my creativity and my desire to Dominate.

So I went solo and rented dungeons instead. I screened out people and charge whatever I want. Unlike the agencies, submissive cannot speak to the Mistresses. But when you are Independent, the submissive can contact the Mistress first hand either by phone or email. I find that when you know more about the sunmissives' background - it only helps to enhance the scene. I can take advantage of his dark desires, by teasing or tormenting him about it. When we BOTH enjoy the session, I am truly happy. If he explores new fetishes and happens to love it, even better.

I am going back to the days when I regarded Domination as a part-time hobby. It is something to do on the side while I concentrate on more important things like relearning a new skill for the job force, family, and inner peace. It's simply not worth the stress and ranting on something you cannot control. I am over that now.

Ahhhh. My head is clear.

Green tea is tempting me, I will go enjoy one right now. Until next time.

Domina Jade

Thursday, January 17

Is it a Montreal thing?

It's come to my attention that a lot of submissives AND Mistresses in Montreal are just full of crap. I am talking about the agencies that cheapen the Domination business and the submissives who flip from one Mistress to another.

I am sorry for those of you who are genuine and truly understand servitude, but a good number of subs out there who have contacted me for sessions, I'd say 75% either do not call back to confirm or do not know how to speak to address a Mistress properly and has the audacity to ask for 'extra' favors.

I'd like to hear from those submissives who do seek professional Mistresses about their thoughts on this.

While Montreal has a great Fetish Party scene - the same cannot be said about the pro-Dommes. I see more and more young and untrained Mistresses out there who think that all you have to do is hold a whip and be a bitch. It is unfortunate to see CMF closing its doors for good on February 1st, while other cheap 'dungeons' and agencies spring up to replace the reputable ones.

I went on craigslist the other day and saw an ad about recruiting Mistresses - no experience required. And do not even get me started with my critique on the website and the girls' profiles. WTF, since when has Mistresses turned into such a commodity that you can just recruit anyone off the street - which I see all to often these days.

It's been such a long time that I rant like this, but it's incredibly frustrating to see Massage Parlors, Escorts, and Strippers who claim to be Dominatrix as well. If you happen to be in the lifestyle and actually practice in real life - fine do your thing. However it pisses me off royally to see the inexperienced 'Mistress' screw up on a client leaving him with a bad impression on this 'industry' of professional Dommes.

Like I said, is it a Montreal thing? So what's my beef? Do not claim to be a Dominatrix if you have not been trained properly, do not practice the lifestyle for real, and have no imagination to control the scene without resorting to sex because that's what you are use to.

And to the less than genuine submissives out there, you know who you are and have been blacklisted, stop asking for sexual favors when it's clearly stated NO, and stop calling for information when you have no intention of booking.

Yeah I know, I might be offending a few people right now. Bite me - I happen to bite a lot harder and charge $200 for doing so.

FemDomme Society Dinner - February 9th

Come join us at the FemDomme Society Dinner at Hot & Spicy.

It's a yearly event which falls on Chinese New Year. And 2008 is Year of the Rat.

For more details about reservations, please visit the link below:

A toast!

Tuesday, January 15

Celebrate My 27th Birthday

My birthday is on January 19th, and I'd like you all to come celebrate with me at The Loft at 1410 Wolfe Street, corner Ste Catherine.

There is no need to bring any gifts, however if you do, I enjoy gift certificates to Il Bolero, Sexe Cite, Fetiche Store, and anything that might contribute to my play space. You get a complimentary 'thank you' of 27 spankings or canings on each cheek :)

But just be there to say hello and Happy Birthday to Me ;)

If you are out of town and cannot attend, give me a call on Niteflirt instead. I will be on the phones Jan 15-16-17-18.

See you soon,

Domina Jade

Monday, January 7

CLUB SIN - September Photos

Master Gunn and I had performed a show just after Fetish Weekend. Thank you Fetish Lover for taken these pictures.

We will have another performance soon. Stay tuned for the date.

Domina Jade

Saturday, January 5

Couple Strap-on Session

Before Christmas, I have fun offering a session to a couple. Him, a french Canadian and Her, a petite Asian. Her name also happened to be Jade. Actually 'Jade' is known to be middle names just like mine. So it's no surprise.

It was her first time seeing a Domination session. slut leo encouraged her to be commanding and to treat him like a .... of course a slut. He had the priviledge of serving us both tea, massaging our feet, getting whipped and we fucked his slutty little ass-hole.

I wore my leather harness and had on a gorgeous 7 or 8 inch cock. I demonstrated why men love to get fucked from behind. Little slut leo was getting wet in no time. Once I knew his rectum was enlarged, I then had the other Jade continue on. In fact, it was her first time using the strap-on on someone. She did it like a pro. And I am sure that her next shopping spree with slut leo is for a strap-on.

I enjoy offering couple sessions. Especially ones where the female is experiencing Domination for the first time. I look forward to seeing them both again.

Thank you slut leo for writing this testimonial:

"i bought my Girlfriend a little whip last year noticed that evil streak in Her eyes as She tried it on me- i saw Domme in Her.

This year for christmas, i offered Her a session with Domina Jade who gave my Girlfriend a crash course in Dominating a male. i found myself serving Both Goddess tea, naked, wearing a humbler. i got spanked harshly, raped by a huge strapon both by Domina Jade and my girlfriend under Her guidance - We all had a great time!

My Gilrfriend and i were really happy about our experience with Domina Jade. We are looking forward our next session. slut leo."

Wednesday, January 2

Green Rope Corset

Thank you to Dunter, a talented rope bondage enthusiast, for this rope corset.

Also thank you to Mistress Jade Dragon for taking the pictures at The Loft in Fall 2007.

Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year 2008

Oh what a great start to the New Year 2008. My partner Master Tommi Gunn, submissive francois and I went to a private play party for New Years Eve. The party was hosted by Mistress Yvanka. Her play space was an in an open concept loft with high ceilings, brick walls and plenty of BDSM equipment to use. It was a great dungeon to play in.

We arrived just 7 minutes before the countdown. I still had to get fitting into my PVC corset. But made it on time to spank my submissive francois along with the 10 second countdown to the New Year.

After mingling and wishing everyone Happy New Year and hugging my very close friends Mistress Jade Dragon and Sir Marc, it was back to business of torturing my submissive with the help of Master Gunn. The cheeks got to a rosy shade pretty quickly, however.

Master Gunn and I tagged teamed at flogging, spanking and whipping my submissive. At one point I teased sub francois with my fingers in his mouth while Master Gunn warmed up s.f's ass cheeks.

Prior to the party, all three of us had gone to Il Bolero for some last minute shopping. I wanted to get a hood for s.f to wear. We chose a heavy leather hood which came in two layers. The inner layer covered the face except for the eyes, mouth and nose holes. The outer layer had two flaps which can be zipped up to cover the face completely.

I LOVE this hood because of the sensory deprivation of sight and total confinement of the head. The submissive really has to concentrate and trust the Mistress leading the way. Sound is amplified because his ears work harder to hear through the thick leather. And finally when both his wrists are tied to his leather body harness, he feels helpless and vulnerable.

S.f. took a hard beating from the both of us. And he bears the marks to prove it. (He also had to endure a much awaited caning the following day) With the large wooden paddle in my hand I had the pleasure of pummeling s.f's ass. The paddle itself is light weight with mini holes drilled through. What this does is to enhance speed and add more sting. At one point I hit him so hard that his knees literally dropped to the floor. I pulled him up from his harness and continued with his punishment.

Once the play was over and s.f had his cool down. I left him in the care of Mistress Jade Dragon and Mistress Malycia while Master Gunn and I continued with OUR play session up on the second floor mezzanine.

Both Master Gunn and I are switches to each other. We both enjoy receiving and giving pain. Personally, I believe that everyone has a Dominant and submissive side. It's just that one is stronger than the other. We are both more Dominant. But do allow myself to exhibit that submissive side even in public because I am just as happy feeling in control and out of control. There use to be conflict within myself about showing my vulnerable side so openly ... but my experiences with Master Gunn has given me even more strength and has me pushing my boundaries even further. In my case, this even helps me to become a better Mistress onto others because I do have a better understanding of what the submissive feels. However, I submit ONLY to Master Gunn.

I realize now looking back to my first posting in 2005 that I had truly evolved. It's really amazing how my life has unfolded so far. And I look forward to new adventures in 2008.

Many spankings for the New Year.
Happiness and Good Health to ALL.

Domina Jade & Master Tommi Gunn

Photos by Sir Marc