Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year 2008

Oh what a great start to the New Year 2008. My partner Master Tommi Gunn, submissive francois and I went to a private play party for New Years Eve. The party was hosted by Mistress Yvanka. Her play space was an in an open concept loft with high ceilings, brick walls and plenty of BDSM equipment to use. It was a great dungeon to play in.

We arrived just 7 minutes before the countdown. I still had to get fitting into my PVC corset. But made it on time to spank my submissive francois along with the 10 second countdown to the New Year.

After mingling and wishing everyone Happy New Year and hugging my very close friends Mistress Jade Dragon and Sir Marc, it was back to business of torturing my submissive with the help of Master Gunn. The cheeks got to a rosy shade pretty quickly, however.

Master Gunn and I tagged teamed at flogging, spanking and whipping my submissive. At one point I teased sub francois with my fingers in his mouth while Master Gunn warmed up s.f's ass cheeks.

Prior to the party, all three of us had gone to Il Bolero for some last minute shopping. I wanted to get a hood for s.f to wear. We chose a heavy leather hood which came in two layers. The inner layer covered the face except for the eyes, mouth and nose holes. The outer layer had two flaps which can be zipped up to cover the face completely.

I LOVE this hood because of the sensory deprivation of sight and total confinement of the head. The submissive really has to concentrate and trust the Mistress leading the way. Sound is amplified because his ears work harder to hear through the thick leather. And finally when both his wrists are tied to his leather body harness, he feels helpless and vulnerable.

S.f. took a hard beating from the both of us. And he bears the marks to prove it. (He also had to endure a much awaited caning the following day) With the large wooden paddle in my hand I had the pleasure of pummeling s.f's ass. The paddle itself is light weight with mini holes drilled through. What this does is to enhance speed and add more sting. At one point I hit him so hard that his knees literally dropped to the floor. I pulled him up from his harness and continued with his punishment.

Once the play was over and s.f had his cool down. I left him in the care of Mistress Jade Dragon and Mistress Malycia while Master Gunn and I continued with OUR play session up on the second floor mezzanine.

Both Master Gunn and I are switches to each other. We both enjoy receiving and giving pain. Personally, I believe that everyone has a Dominant and submissive side. It's just that one is stronger than the other. We are both more Dominant. But do allow myself to exhibit that submissive side even in public because I am just as happy feeling in control and out of control. There use to be conflict within myself about showing my vulnerable side so openly ... but my experiences with Master Gunn has given me even more strength and has me pushing my boundaries even further. In my case, this even helps me to become a better Mistress onto others because I do have a better understanding of what the submissive feels. However, I submit ONLY to Master Gunn.

I realize now looking back to my first posting in 2005 that I had truly evolved. It's really amazing how my life has unfolded so far. And I look forward to new adventures in 2008.

Many spankings for the New Year.
Happiness and Good Health to ALL.

Domina Jade & Master Tommi Gunn

Photos by Sir Marc


Master Tommi Gunn said...

Mistress Jade,
You definitely captured the spirit of the evening. It was an amazing New Years Eve, one never to forget. I know that SF enjoyed and appreciated the privilege of attending the party with us, I know his ASS did..ha..ha. He is a great submissive and worthy of the attention we show him. You were absolutely stunning as usual my dear Mistress and it was an honor and an extreme pleasure to be there with you as well. I am sure we will see many more evenings such as this in our future.
Life is a journey of the senses and we are meant to take it all in or we will not grow or appreciate our existence and the people we share it with. You have been on a path over the past few years that have evolved you into an extremely confident and strong woman and I see this every day. So yes, when you said in this entry “I realize now looking back to my first posting in 2005 that I had truly evolved. It's really amazing how my life has unfolded so far”. You have evolved with grace and poise, and Yes, life is truly amazing with you.

Happy New Year My Dear Mistress Jade

Master Tommi Gunn

sub_f said...

Mistress Jade,

Master Gunn is right You have indeed captured the spirit of the evening perfectly. It will be tough to top this New Year's party but i am sure W/we will all have a good time trying to do just that in 2008!

The party was a lot of fun…by far the best New Year’s Eve party i have ever had the pleasure of attending. Thank You Mistress Jade and Master Gunn for the invitation to attend as Your submissive. It was both a privilege and an honor.

Thanks to Mistress Jade’s wicked imagination and creativity my 2008 is already filled with too many firsts to list in one posting.

But one first definitely worth mentioning here is Mistress Jade’s preview of just what it would be like to serve a dominant Couple 24/7… wow it was amazing! Definitely an experience i will cherish for a very long time to come…

Then of course there was my introduction to the dark side or hood play to be more specific. Once i got over the initial tinge of fear and apprehension.i actually began to enjoy that hood.

i tried to imagine how i must have looked, there's just something about wearing it that is so erotic and puts me into a much deeper subspace. i felt like a real slave...owned and helpless and vulnerable…sensory deprivation in itself became a new sensation…how ironic i remember thinking to myself...

Everything in my world became focused on trying to locate Mistress Jade and Master Gunn…searching for their voices somewhere in the crowd… and in a way i became more aware of my surroundings while i was wearing it. The background party noise and music, the multitude of conversations going on around me, the laughter, although muffled by the hood somehow sounds became more distinctive, it really made me feel like i was in a different world...on a different planet! Time seemed to freeze with no other distractions and only one aim: pleasing my Owners

Oh but when i was placed in the stocks....it was such an erotic feeling to be so helpless, bound and exposed this way! Adding to my humiliation was the chastity device Mistress insisted i wear to the party and everybody could see i was wearing it because Mistress wanted it that way, (actually i wore it for 2days straight…ahh yes…yet another first)!

Thank You Mistress Jade and Master Gunn for a wonderful time, thank You for making me feel so completely owned...like a real slave and i hope You are pleased with me.


Ramius said...

Wonderufl post about spanking and so sadistic it makes one happy to read it.