Thursday, January 17

Is it a Montreal thing?

It's come to my attention that a lot of submissives AND Mistresses in Montreal are just full of crap. I am talking about the agencies that cheapen the Domination business and the submissives who flip from one Mistress to another.

I am sorry for those of you who are genuine and truly understand servitude, but a good number of subs out there who have contacted me for sessions, I'd say 75% either do not call back to confirm or do not know how to speak to address a Mistress properly and has the audacity to ask for 'extra' favors.

I'd like to hear from those submissives who do seek professional Mistresses about their thoughts on this.

While Montreal has a great Fetish Party scene - the same cannot be said about the pro-Dommes. I see more and more young and untrained Mistresses out there who think that all you have to do is hold a whip and be a bitch. It is unfortunate to see CMF closing its doors for good on February 1st, while other cheap 'dungeons' and agencies spring up to replace the reputable ones.

I went on craigslist the other day and saw an ad about recruiting Mistresses - no experience required. And do not even get me started with my critique on the website and the girls' profiles. WTF, since when has Mistresses turned into such a commodity that you can just recruit anyone off the street - which I see all to often these days.

It's been such a long time that I rant like this, but it's incredibly frustrating to see Massage Parlors, Escorts, and Strippers who claim to be Dominatrix as well. If you happen to be in the lifestyle and actually practice in real life - fine do your thing. However it pisses me off royally to see the inexperienced 'Mistress' screw up on a client leaving him with a bad impression on this 'industry' of professional Dommes.

Like I said, is it a Montreal thing? So what's my beef? Do not claim to be a Dominatrix if you have not been trained properly, do not practice the lifestyle for real, and have no imagination to control the scene without resorting to sex because that's what you are use to.

And to the less than genuine submissives out there, you know who you are and have been blacklisted, stop asking for sexual favors when it's clearly stated NO, and stop calling for information when you have no intention of booking.

Yeah I know, I might be offending a few people right now. Bite me - I happen to bite a lot harder and charge $200 for doing so.


André said...

I totally agree with you. I'm not sure if it's a Montreal thing though... I've read similar comments from Mistresses in the US and elsewhere in Canada. However, I do think it's a Montreal that many men are being cheap! It seams that they don't understand that even though there's no sex involved, it is a very specialized service that requires talent, knowledge, imagination, preparation, and expensive clothing!!

By the way, happy belated birthday! Do you remember that we were born on the same date? Many years apart I must admit... :)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say but I do not agree with a lot of what you have said. I have been in the lifestyle for over 35 years. I realize that those in the lifestyle that take money for their services have a niche for those that either cannot give service on a regular bases or cannot fine a Dominant to serve. That said it in my opinion i snot a true lifestyle relation it is a form of sex for money.

As for flip flopping subs well a sub will stay will a Dominant as long as their needs are served in that type of monitory relation. the only place you can expect loyalty in in a relation where service is give for Domination not money.

I could go on like asking what house you took you training or what Dominant you serve under but I doubt if this will be a two conversation on lyfestyle rules and protocols and it will surprise me to see this comment pass moderation in it's entirety. But thank you for the opportunity to have a rant of my own and an idea for a blog do enjoy the day

Domina Jade said...

@ Andre, Thanks for the comment and belated b-day. I haven't been blogging but I appreciate your thoughts.

Yes, I do see a trend of new submissives trying to bargain with Mistresses. When that happens I simply hang up because I have better things to do than to explain why I should charge a certain amount.

@ Anonymous,

If you have read my previous posts about my experience - you will learn that I didn't have any 'training' with a dungeon house. However I took the initiative to attend various seminars and workshops when it came to BDSM. As well I have many friends who are non-pros to ask for guidance.

Does that make me any less of a lifestyle Domme? I don't think so ... but I guess you have already formed your own opinions.

Quite frankly, I still don't see your argument with me because you haven't addressed my primary gripe about women who claim to be Dommes without proper training. Training can be from learning from a Dungeon house or from other means in workshops, books, internet, etc.

Granted, I must admit that I have been brash for collectively pointing out the agencies ... but let's face it. Recruiting with no experience required is asking for trouble.

If you see offering Domination for money is considered sex ... then that is your opinion. But this will be another argument because it's off-topic from my blog post.

I welcome any feedback, good or bad even if the person writing is disagreeing with me. Provided that they are respectful in manner of speech.

I appreciate the time to write to me ... you have a good day as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mistress Jade (i am a recurrent slave...but i rather not to add my original name here).
I saw the add in craigs and i went with a friend of mine to an interview with those guys.... finally they disappear. Looks like they couldn't get what they wanted.

I know some Mistresses are for real... and others... well... no.
Each one have to live it to know it!