Monday, March 24

Fetish Fools Ball 2008

This year, Isabeau & Sebastien's Fetish Fools Ball was held at the Just For Laughs Museum on St. Laurent. I thought is was a great space, different from Bain Mathieu from previous years. We arrived at around midnight, leaving a mere 3 hours to play - minus 1 hour of meet n' greet.

I wore a Lolita black dress with red fishnets stockings from Cruella and killer PVC ankle boots with 6 inch heels from Stelly/Toby on St. Laurent. I must say that I was damn cute (never so innocent) that night. I opted out of the corset for comfort. However towards the end of the night my feet were aching so it was a trade-off.

We chose a relatively quiet corner. There were some great pieces of BDSM equipment and furniture at the Ball. Our little corner had a great kneeling bench from a converted barber platform/chair. I will want to add this type of bench to my private collection because it's just too cool.

The area had a greenish spotlight which did help us to see in the dark. However I think it would have been better to use normal white lighting because some of us can be a little blind without contacts or glasses. But it did the job and no misses.

The play area was all the way towards the back, sectioned off by a large curtain. I like the idea of separating the play space and the dance floor. There was a decent amount of space between the player and the spectators, especially in our section. I didn't dwell into the other areas because I had the perfect spot for flogging and paddling.

Speaking of paddles, I actually broke my favorite wooden paddle on my switch partner, Master Tommi Gunn. I guess the wood wasn't thick enough for his hard ass. We tend to play hard, so a new set of heavy duty toys will be needed soon. But dammit, that was my FAVORITE paddle. I even used it at our March performance at Club Sin.

Since I have been playing (mild play) with my client submissives and kinda neglecting my real play partner - I must admit that I am out of practice when it comes heavier scenes. So guess what we are doing all of this week. If you don't use it, you lose it.

So back to the party ..... I can't say that I really observed the party. When I a doing a scene, I ignore all else except my play partner. However I love the live sculpting section - we certainly do have a lot of talent in Montreal. It's a shame that we didn't get a chance to check out the other play furniture, but then I was quite content at using the kneeling bench. Heck we played for a full 2 hours on that thing, taking turns switching.

I enjoyed the evening. But next time we will arrive much earlier to take advantage of play, dance and mingling among our kinky friends.

Wednesday, March 5

Want a session? Follow the Rules

So I get a call from a submissive this evening ... he didn't introduce himself except to say that he had seen me from a fetish party. What he actually wanted was the telephone number of another Mistress.

Now this Mistress happens to be a friend of mine, and I have no problems referring him to her. Except, he specifically asked for a number to call. And I know that she prefers correspondence via email, and doesn't disclose her number publicly.

When suggested, "you can go to her website and contact her there"

He said, "I don't like to use my internet - if I can't get number can you pass her my number instead?"

Um .... no.

First I am not a placement agency.

Second, if you are LAZY and don't want to use your internet then I am not going to help you to connect with another Mistress.

So what is the lesson here? Don't short-cut your way to the front of the line. If you are serious and genuine, then follow her rules of conduct and contact her the way she wants you to.

Hopefully, this submissive will learn and finally follow procedure. Otherwise I doubt he will have much luck getting a session.

Kinky strapon sex - Bend Over :)

Love this video on .... which reminds me that I have a 2 hour strap-on special this month. Email me for more details.

Domina Jade

Tuesday, March 4

Performance at Club Sin - March 7th

Mark your calendars, I have an upcoming performance at Club Sin on March 7th. I hope to see you there.

Domina Jade