Monday, March 27

Favorite Role-Plays

Quite often I get requested to role-play. This can either be in person or on the phone. While I enjoy role-play scenarios there are some scenes that hold a special place in my wicked heart.

Medical Role-Play
I play the naughty nurse or doctor, and the submissive plays the patient. What I love is using the stainless steel equipement and prodding it into the patient. Or wrapping the patient in bandage - sorta like bondage for me. As a child I did not get a chance to play doctor too often, maybe it is now that I am catching up ;)

Prison Role-Play
I play the guard and the submissive is the prisoner. Hmmm, I just want to play rough and hold the prisoner to the wall and frisk him. Do a thorough inspections check before entering his caged chambers. I find that walking around with a baton and tapping it in my hand while staring down the prisoner is pretty hot.

Disciplinary Role-Play
This can involve either a teacher and her student or the lieutenant and the soldier. The main idea here is behaviour modicafication. I want to drill my ways in to the submissive and he is expected to learn of be punished.

Interrogation Role-Play
I enjoy scene that involve torture to extract information out of the victim. To tie up the submissive and using implemements such as canes and water torture.

Now most of these role-plays involve my very sadistic side. I love to torture and torment my submissives. To me the sounds of their scream is music to my ears >:) But of course I can be a sensual Mistress, it truly depends on my mood and whether the submissive deserves to see my softer side.

Sometimes I might tease the submissive with my sexiness. A caress on the face, softer voice and whispers. Get the submissive so revved up then deny him to cum :D Then seeing him try so hard to please me because he wants permission to cum. Haha, I love to control the submissive by their weakness, which of course is their dick.

~Domina Jade
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