Thursday, March 23

Fetish To Do List

There are still some fetishes or activities that I would love to try but have not due to lack of opportunity or equipment. I have a fascination with medical play, but there are not too many submissives out there who have shown the same interest. Plus medical play would require sounds and speculums, well a lot of goodies which I currently do not have so it’s on my wishlist. There’s something naughty about playing nurse and doing a body examination. *Grin* Oh what fun I will have as I strap you down onto a medical table as I perform my inspections. Say “Ahhhhhhh”

Something else that I want to explore a lot further is suspension bondage. I want to learn the proper rope methods and suspend the submissive from a high ceiling. To see the submissive bound, gagged and blindfolded creates a warm stir inside of me. With the ass up in the air it gives me a wicked urge to spank it pink or maybe even blue. And once done with the spanking, the ass is ready to take on my strap-on as the finishing touch. But of course, before I make any attempts in this type of bondage play I have to make sure that I know my knots. With time and practice I will be able to.

I am sure there is still much that I want to do and explore. But for now I will be dreaming about the sadistic fun I will have with a submissive in bondage and medical play. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the submissive squirm from being helpless and immobile.

~Domina Jade
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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a bummer you are...Your blog is like a cemetery, d-e-a-d. You must really be jealous of happy people. It's called manic depession, look into it. To be what you are, is pretty sad, shallow, and obvioulsy lonely. But you'd never admit to that, right, big fat tough bitch. Ha ha suck so bad, you suck out loud. I'll be you became what you are because you were a atchkey kid, without any real love in your life. enjoy you little games, sooner or later they'll catch up to you, you idiot. This entire bar is sitting here laughing at you and your pathetic blog.

Domina Jade said...

Ah yes hate mail, I get that once in awhile. Let me guess - I probably rejected you at one point didn't I? and now you are getting back to me with your petty remarks.

Well it doesn't affect me in fact I find you hilarious. Thanks for putting a smile on my face as I laugh at your stupidity. In fact I will even record my laughter expecially for you to listen to. I am sure that will make my submissives happy as they all join in on the humour at your expense.

I believe you have just relieved me from my 'manic depression' Truly, continue and be yourself. It will add more 'content' to my blog. LOL.


Domina Jade
1-800-TO-FLIRT EXT: 0696571