Sunday, April 30

Sunday session with sub yves

Today was absolutely gorgeous. What a perfect day to have a session too. Sub yves and I had exchanged emails and spoken a few times on Niteflirt. So by the time we finally met in person, I knew him enough to be comfortable playing with him. Prior to the session I broke out my chunky open toed sandals. Since it has been awhile since I wore them, my feet were aching by time I arrived at the dungeon. So guess who got to rub my feet.

What a pleasant surprise when sub yves presented me with a present. He bought a tube top dress with a glitery dragon in front and black pantyhose also with dragons. These thoughtful gestures certainly do put a smile on my face. Truthfully I haven't been in the best moods lately but sub yves really did cheer me up. Thank you yves.

A funny story about the purchase. Yves went a sex store located outside of Montreal. The saleswoman was someone in her fifties. She asked yves if he was buying for his girlfriend, to which he responded that it's the first time he's meeting me. The woman then mentioned that she had the perfect pill for him to ensure we would have a 'good time.' Needless to say, yves passed up on the offer and said he had no problems getting it up. The woman quipped, 'oh that's what they all say.' I broke out laughing when I heard that story.

So we began the session with the rubbing of the feet. He mentioned to me that he brought a video camera in case I would like to video tape the scene. Absolutely yes. I took a sip from my water bottle, then asked if he was thirsty. When he nodded, I spit the water into his mouth which also splashed everywhere on his face and on the floor. I couldn't let the floor remain wet, so I had him lick every drop. I directed him where to lick and I videotaped the whole incident from above.

The session progressed into having his balls and penis tied up and attaching the rope to his collar. I had his head bent as if to bow his head. I reminded him that I had so much control over his body, he was to obey and serve me. I later bound him completely with saran wrap from neck to ankles. He was immobile and sweating profusely. I knew he felt vulnerable especially as I stuck a dildo into his mouth. Everything was on tape, even the part where he's sucking the dildo.

The session was quite amusing. I had a lot of fun with yves. My second appointment got cancelled, so yves and I went for dinner downtown at a resto called Mango Bay. The food was great, too bad the service was slow.

So overall, I had a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I am sure that I will see sub yves again. Perhaps next time he will take me out to a fetish party.

~Domina Jade

Non-kinky's night out

I almost did not go to Inferno because I lacked transportation there. However I convinced my non-kinky friend to come out with me. It was so last minmute (started chatting on msn at 10:58pm) that we missed a good portion of CMF's show. Oh well, maybe next time.

Even though I brought my bag of goodies with me, I ended dancing the whole night. The music was good, we were non stop on the dance floor the whole night through. I think that next time I will tour the play area a little bit more a snag myself a willing victim. I love to play in public.

Come to think of it, I should have given my friend a tour of the play area. Perhaps next time if he decides to go to another fetish party. Too bad he's not of submissive nature, I would have enjoyed tying him up and spanking him. I do enjoy rosy cheeks :D

Well, there are many others who'd love to get their ass spanked by me. And I will do so with a smile.

~Domina Jade

Friday, April 28

My fetish list for my new apartment

Today I have signed my lease to my new apartment which I get to move in for July. Now the only thing that I have to think of next is packing my things and the moving day madness. But I will worry about that later.

For the next couple of weeks I am going to concentrate on getting supplies and furniture for my very own dungeon! I am absolutely ecstatic about playing whenever I want in my own privacy. I can invite my kinky friends over or even have extended play with submissives. But of course I have to have my dungeon filled with the essentials.

A couple of things that I will require:

Spreader bars in various lengths
Wrist and ankle cuffs
Plenty of bondage rope in different thicknesses
Metal hooks and rings
Spanking bench
Industrial roll of plastic wrap

Non-kinky items in large quantity:
Paper towels
Baby wipes
latex gloves

So if you want to see that I get what I want and need for my new dungeon then contribute to my "Dungeon Fund" I accept NF and PP donations. E-mail me for more details.

~Domina Jade

Wednesday, April 26

Spoil your Mistress today and tomorrow always

I get quite a few regular callers on Niteflirt. The topic of discussion varies from feminization, financial domination to playing out different role-plays. My favorite are of course financial domination. I get so much satisfaction out of submissives emptying their wallets and paying my bills.

Take slaverick, he simply cannot get enough of me. He's been my paypig for several months. It started off slowly as I would have him pay for my pictures at a higher price, because I can. He's been sending me cash at least every week. And now he's upgraded to paying my rent. Today he accepted a payment request from paypal for $250, and he will accept another $250 on NF. So he's currently in my Hall of Fame among submissives. In no time he will have sent me hundreds and soon thousands.

I have others who enjoy spoiling me like malcolm who is also my panty slut. I sent him my worn panties to sniff and worship. It should arrive in his mailbox pretty soon. I've sent him audio instructions to follow when the package does arrive. I've had plenty of panty sluts like him before, and I still have room for more.

There's sissyMimi who is just going beyond his comfort zone with my help. He is keeping an online journal and will correspond with me on a daily basis. Tomorrow I will have him wear to work ladies panties underneath his trousers. He's quite nervous because he's never done this before and will always be thinking about the possibilty of being caught. But he will do his task just to please me. To visit sissyMimi's blog click here.

Another task that I sent someone to do is submissive jay. I had him cum into a cup and save it as 'jam' for breakfast. It was the most disgusting thing he's tasted on toast. LOL. I did hear that eating pineapple daily will sweeten your cum ;)

And then there are baby subs who just don't know what they want. But when I tell them to do something, they simply don't have the nerve and chicken out. I am talking about you rygar7737. As of now I am blocking your sorry ass for disappointing me. I don't want to hear from you or speak to you. You have wasted my time so I am ridding myself from you. Well should be what you want now, but when you eventually your mind it's too late because you are no longer accepted in my domain.

Of course not everyone disappoints me like rygar. The majority of submissives that I speak to on NF are very entertaining and eager to please me. I have had great pleasure in controlling everyone of my close submissives.

If you haven't called me yet, then you should by now.

~Domina Jade

Friday, April 21

Argaive Photography

Sweet! The long awaited pics from Argaive are almost ready. Here are a few samples of the beautiful photography we came up with.


Domina Jade

Eros Guide Picture Update

Every month I get to update my pictures for my ad on Eros Guide Montreal. It's a site that references Escorts, Dancers, Masseuse and Dommes. They have a great way of adding traffic to my site through their 'what's new' page.

Go see what's new ... and be sure to bookmark and check for my new pic every mid-month or every 30 days. Eros Guide Montreal

~Domina Jade

Nipple Torture

I had a marvelous time last night with my good friend philippe. We started playing at around midnight and finished the scene by 2am.

He's such a nipple torture slut. Afterwards when I saw how big and perky his nipples were I remarked that he can now fit into an A cup lol. Here are some photos to look at:

We haven't played in two months. So last night, it was a blast seeing him suffer for me again. It's not everyday that I get to play with such a pain slut that when I do play, it's a real treat for me. I love watching him moan in sweet agony as I perform my nipple tortures, cbt, bondage, caning, and spanking. LOVE IT.

Now I need a bit of practice with my caning techniques and so he showed me an extreme caning website Mood Pictures. Talk about hardcore and extreme caning sessions. I don't think that I am at that level quite yet. I know that philippe is capability of taking that sort of torture so when I am ready hopefully he will be my subject.

Well it's another beautiful day ... I wonder who will call me for a session. I am just itching to practice my techniques on a willing victim >:)

~Domina Jade

Thursday, April 20

Cabaret Mado

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. I took my bike out and rode out to check an apartment for rent. Turns out that I love the place. Hopefully I will be accepted as a tenant.

The nice weather has been encouraging me to ride my bike everywhere. Pretty soon I will have buns of steel. Also my thighs and calves will be a power to be reckoned with when I kick my submissives in the ass LOL. I did 3 hours of biking without much pain unlike the last time (I now have gel seats to cushion my lovely bum) so no more complaining from me ;)

By the time I got home it was 7pm - I felt restless and didn't want to stay home. So I called up my good friend philippe. We went out to St. Denis, had coffee and just caught up on news and life. It was a perfect night, just a little breeze not too cold and not too hot. Everything was great until a pebble shot into my plate, good thing I just finished. Construction on St Denis makes everything dusty - especially with the afternoon walking traffic. So we continued the night on Ste Catherine.

We came across a drag bar named Cabaret Mado. Since I've never been to a drag bar, but only seen one from movies, we checked it out. It was a blast. I fully appreciate the work that these drag queens put into their costumes and make-up. Hmmm maybe I can get pointers for make-up. They are also great performers and funny as hell. I plan on going back perhaps on monday since I am such a geek for Karaoke nights.

~Domina Jade

Monday, April 17

Moving Day headaches

So, did everyone have a pleasant Easter this weekend? I had a very quiet weekend as I don't celebrate Easter, however I don't mind getting chocolates LOL. I am now on a a veggie diet to flush out the impurities in my system.

Spoiling myself with chocolate was not all I had done .. I did take a *few* calls on Nitefirt and checked the newspaper for a new apartment. Moving is such a hassle here in Montreal. I think we're the only city that has July 1st as a moving day and it's the dumbest ritual ever. So I trying on finding a place for June in order to bypass the moving day headache. Then I have to consider renting a moving truck and hire men to move my stuff. And I have A LOT of stuff. But once it's all over, I will have fun painting and decorating my own place. No roomates with different decorating styles, no disagreements, no sharing bathrooms, and dammit I can walk naked in the apartment if I want to. Yup, I am looking forward to moving out and starting fresh.

Now, if only I can actually sign a lease ... I will be happy.

~Domina Jade

Saturday, April 15

Silly Video Clip

I love Firefox, won't change my browser for anything else. I guess I am not the only one.

Click here

Btw Happy easter

~Domina Jade

Thursday, April 6

First Podcast and Mr. Anonymous' 5 minutes of fame

I enjoy talking on the phone and as well making recordings. So I've decided to make my first podcast. Now for the time being it is being hosted on - but that should change in May as I am updating my website ... again.

From my previous post I'd mention about laughing at mr. anonymous for insulting my blog ... so have a listen and send me feedback.

Click here to listen

~Domina Jade

Tuesday, April 4

Not much of a Dominant?

Here is my conversation on msn with a submissive from Lavalife.

thomas: hello Ma'am

Domina Jade: hello

Domina Jade: so I granted you permission to chat with me for a bit on msn

thomas: thank you Ma'am

thomas: you are looking for a masochist ?

Domina Jade: absolutely

thomas: as a personal sub to you Ma'am?

Domina Jade: well that option might be available but it all depends

thomas: may i ask on what Ma'am?

Domina Jade: well for one thing I don't want a do-me submissive

thomas: no Ma'am

Domina Jade: When I choose a submissive it will be on my terms

thomas: but i may not like all your likes and do have my own limits...

Domina Jade: well of course and I respect that

thomas: somehow i knew that

Domina Jade: I don't like someone dictating what I can do

thomas:i see

Domina Jade: however I will push limits

thomas: you mean not dictating my hard limits Ma'am?

Domina Jade: not quite, it's more like telling me to do this and that without
considering what I want first

Domina Jade: I have disregarded countless 'subs' who launch into what I should do to them, rather than ask what they can do for me

thomas: may i ask what i can do for you first MA'am?

Domina Jade: well I prefer casual conversation for now

thomas: i appreciate that

Domina Jade: I want to know more about you and why you think you can serve me

thomas: well mainly because you are looking for someone who loves pain Ma'am...i love
corporal discipline...up to the cane as my pic is kinda showing

thomas: but i also would like to know about what other things you like to not sure i am capable of those things or they could be things i havent tried or hard limits

thomas: i am also a very nice down to earth man who loves to have fun

Domina Jade: well I enjoy severe cp, strap-on play, slight feminization, trampling, bondage, humblers, medical scenes, play piercing, temp. branding, gs,

Domina Jade: but most importantly I enjoy being spontaneous with my scenes

thomas: i appreciate that...

thomas: I enjoy severe cp, bondage and have not tried the others and would not be interested...sorry

Domina Jade: I am pretty big on verbal and physical humiliation too

thomas: thats acceptable

Domina Jade: well if you are not really interested in the rest as I am then I don't think this will work out. When I am searching for a submissive, I prfer that he enjoys overall the similar activities that I also like

thomas: then you cant be much of a Dominant Woman have no idea what a submissive is then Ma'am...its not only what you like or think ... and appreciate your're right this would never work!!

thomas: take care

So am I the only person to see something wrong here? I am not much of a Dominant woman because I actually express what I am interested in and follow those views? What am I to do, mend my ways just because a submissive does not share similar tastes? Before I could respond back thomas logged off - well in any case he's blocked for his lack of manners towards the end of the convo.

The way I see it, I will not waste my time on someone who is not compatible with me. If he/she does not participate nor has no interest in trying then why should I give him my precious time?? What we had here was a situation of non-compatibility. I would have accepted if we left it at that but no, he leaves an insulting remark that I am not 'domme' enough. Which leaves me to believe he's a do-me submissive afterall. Well better I know sooner than later as I say....

~Domina Jade

Sunday, April 2

Review for Fetish4Play and Fetish Fool's Ball

I had a BLAST partying at both Fetish4Play and Fetish Fool's Ball. Both parties were well planned out and I am all partied out!

Friday night was the Fetish Expo at the Fetish4Play where local crafts people display their fetish talents. It varied from photography, custom made floggers, paddles, humblers, figurines, and jewelry. It was a fantastic night to see them showcase their work. During the party we were entertained by a demo performed by Master Luk, Calamity and Freaky Nat. It was sexy and highly entertaining.

Betcha love this one eh ;)

(Personal cameras not allowed so no pics for saturday)

Saturday night was the Fetish Fool's Ball at Bain Mathieu. I was absolutely awestruck during the whole event. There was an empty pool at the center which people can dance in, a projection screen inside a large ball hanging from the ceiling, dancing performers all night through, an acrobat performance with ceiling drapes, kickass DJ, big play area, and lounge area that can be entered by the side of the pool. The whole night was phenomenal - I believe these types of events will put Montreal on the map for one of THE best places for Fetish nights.

So now I am completely exhausted from the dancing and playing. But it was one of the best weekends I have ever had. Now I am off to bed and dream about the good times :)

~Domina Jade