Thursday, April 20

Cabaret Mado

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. I took my bike out and rode out to check an apartment for rent. Turns out that I love the place. Hopefully I will be accepted as a tenant.

The nice weather has been encouraging me to ride my bike everywhere. Pretty soon I will have buns of steel. Also my thighs and calves will be a power to be reckoned with when I kick my submissives in the ass LOL. I did 3 hours of biking without much pain unlike the last time (I now have gel seats to cushion my lovely bum) so no more complaining from me ;)

By the time I got home it was 7pm - I felt restless and didn't want to stay home. So I called up my good friend philippe. We went out to St. Denis, had coffee and just caught up on news and life. It was a perfect night, just a little breeze not too cold and not too hot. Everything was great until a pebble shot into my plate, good thing I just finished. Construction on St Denis makes everything dusty - especially with the afternoon walking traffic. So we continued the night on Ste Catherine.

We came across a drag bar named Cabaret Mado. Since I've never been to a drag bar, but only seen one from movies, we checked it out. It was a blast. I fully appreciate the work that these drag queens put into their costumes and make-up. Hmmm maybe I can get pointers for make-up. They are also great performers and funny as hell. I plan on going back perhaps on monday since I am such a geek for Karaoke nights.

~Domina Jade

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