Monday, April 17

Moving Day headaches

So, did everyone have a pleasant Easter this weekend? I had a very quiet weekend as I don't celebrate Easter, however I don't mind getting chocolates LOL. I am now on a a veggie diet to flush out the impurities in my system.

Spoiling myself with chocolate was not all I had done .. I did take a *few* calls on Nitefirt and checked the newspaper for a new apartment. Moving is such a hassle here in Montreal. I think we're the only city that has July 1st as a moving day and it's the dumbest ritual ever. So I trying on finding a place for June in order to bypass the moving day headache. Then I have to consider renting a moving truck and hire men to move my stuff. And I have A LOT of stuff. But once it's all over, I will have fun painting and decorating my own place. No roomates with different decorating styles, no disagreements, no sharing bathrooms, and dammit I can walk naked in the apartment if I want to. Yup, I am looking forward to moving out and starting fresh.

Now, if only I can actually sign a lease ... I will be happy.

~Domina Jade

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Alex said...

I got around that rat-race this year and I'll be moving in June (pending delays). Come to think of it, I've never moved on July 1st. Can't say I miss it either.