Friday, April 21

Nipple Torture

I had a marvelous time last night with my good friend philippe. We started playing at around midnight and finished the scene by 2am.

He's such a nipple torture slut. Afterwards when I saw how big and perky his nipples were I remarked that he can now fit into an A cup lol. Here are some photos to look at:

We haven't played in two months. So last night, it was a blast seeing him suffer for me again. It's not everyday that I get to play with such a pain slut that when I do play, it's a real treat for me. I love watching him moan in sweet agony as I perform my nipple tortures, cbt, bondage, caning, and spanking. LOVE IT.

Now I need a bit of practice with my caning techniques and so he showed me an extreme caning website Mood Pictures. Talk about hardcore and extreme caning sessions. I don't think that I am at that level quite yet. I know that philippe is capability of taking that sort of torture so when I am ready hopefully he will be my subject.

Well it's another beautiful day ... I wonder who will call me for a session. I am just itching to practice my techniques on a willing victim >:)

~Domina Jade

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