Sunday, April 2

Review for Fetish4Play and Fetish Fool's Ball

I had a BLAST partying at both Fetish4Play and Fetish Fool's Ball. Both parties were well planned out and I am all partied out!

Friday night was the Fetish Expo at the Fetish4Play where local crafts people display their fetish talents. It varied from photography, custom made floggers, paddles, humblers, figurines, and jewelry. It was a fantastic night to see them showcase their work. During the party we were entertained by a demo performed by Master Luk, Calamity and Freaky Nat. It was sexy and highly entertaining.

Betcha love this one eh ;)

(Personal cameras not allowed so no pics for saturday)

Saturday night was the Fetish Fool's Ball at Bain Mathieu. I was absolutely awestruck during the whole event. There was an empty pool at the center which people can dance in, a projection screen inside a large ball hanging from the ceiling, dancing performers all night through, an acrobat performance with ceiling drapes, kickass DJ, big play area, and lounge area that can be entered by the side of the pool. The whole night was phenomenal - I believe these types of events will put Montreal on the map for one of THE best places for Fetish nights.

So now I am completely exhausted from the dancing and playing. But it was one of the best weekends I have ever had. Now I am off to bed and dream about the good times :)

~Domina Jade


Alex said...

Sounds like I missed something fun...

Domina Jade said...

Oh absolutely. you should come out the next time and we'll play >:)

~Domina Jade