Wednesday, April 26

Spoil your Mistress today and tomorrow always

I get quite a few regular callers on Niteflirt. The topic of discussion varies from feminization, financial domination to playing out different role-plays. My favorite are of course financial domination. I get so much satisfaction out of submissives emptying their wallets and paying my bills.

Take slaverick, he simply cannot get enough of me. He's been my paypig for several months. It started off slowly as I would have him pay for my pictures at a higher price, because I can. He's been sending me cash at least every week. And now he's upgraded to paying my rent. Today he accepted a payment request from paypal for $250, and he will accept another $250 on NF. So he's currently in my Hall of Fame among submissives. In no time he will have sent me hundreds and soon thousands.

I have others who enjoy spoiling me like malcolm who is also my panty slut. I sent him my worn panties to sniff and worship. It should arrive in his mailbox pretty soon. I've sent him audio instructions to follow when the package does arrive. I've had plenty of panty sluts like him before, and I still have room for more.

There's sissyMimi who is just going beyond his comfort zone with my help. He is keeping an online journal and will correspond with me on a daily basis. Tomorrow I will have him wear to work ladies panties underneath his trousers. He's quite nervous because he's never done this before and will always be thinking about the possibilty of being caught. But he will do his task just to please me. To visit sissyMimi's blog click here.

Another task that I sent someone to do is submissive jay. I had him cum into a cup and save it as 'jam' for breakfast. It was the most disgusting thing he's tasted on toast. LOL. I did hear that eating pineapple daily will sweeten your cum ;)

And then there are baby subs who just don't know what they want. But when I tell them to do something, they simply don't have the nerve and chicken out. I am talking about you rygar7737. As of now I am blocking your sorry ass for disappointing me. I don't want to hear from you or speak to you. You have wasted my time so I am ridding myself from you. Well should be what you want now, but when you eventually your mind it's too late because you are no longer accepted in my domain.

Of course not everyone disappoints me like rygar. The majority of submissives that I speak to on NF are very entertaining and eager to please me. I have had great pleasure in controlling everyone of my close submissives.

If you haven't called me yet, then you should by now.

~Domina Jade

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