Sunday, April 30

Sunday session with sub yves

Today was absolutely gorgeous. What a perfect day to have a session too. Sub yves and I had exchanged emails and spoken a few times on Niteflirt. So by the time we finally met in person, I knew him enough to be comfortable playing with him. Prior to the session I broke out my chunky open toed sandals. Since it has been awhile since I wore them, my feet were aching by time I arrived at the dungeon. So guess who got to rub my feet.

What a pleasant surprise when sub yves presented me with a present. He bought a tube top dress with a glitery dragon in front and black pantyhose also with dragons. These thoughtful gestures certainly do put a smile on my face. Truthfully I haven't been in the best moods lately but sub yves really did cheer me up. Thank you yves.

A funny story about the purchase. Yves went a sex store located outside of Montreal. The saleswoman was someone in her fifties. She asked yves if he was buying for his girlfriend, to which he responded that it's the first time he's meeting me. The woman then mentioned that she had the perfect pill for him to ensure we would have a 'good time.' Needless to say, yves passed up on the offer and said he had no problems getting it up. The woman quipped, 'oh that's what they all say.' I broke out laughing when I heard that story.

So we began the session with the rubbing of the feet. He mentioned to me that he brought a video camera in case I would like to video tape the scene. Absolutely yes. I took a sip from my water bottle, then asked if he was thirsty. When he nodded, I spit the water into his mouth which also splashed everywhere on his face and on the floor. I couldn't let the floor remain wet, so I had him lick every drop. I directed him where to lick and I videotaped the whole incident from above.

The session progressed into having his balls and penis tied up and attaching the rope to his collar. I had his head bent as if to bow his head. I reminded him that I had so much control over his body, he was to obey and serve me. I later bound him completely with saran wrap from neck to ankles. He was immobile and sweating profusely. I knew he felt vulnerable especially as I stuck a dildo into his mouth. Everything was on tape, even the part where he's sucking the dildo.

The session was quite amusing. I had a lot of fun with yves. My second appointment got cancelled, so yves and I went for dinner downtown at a resto called Mango Bay. The food was great, too bad the service was slow.

So overall, I had a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I am sure that I will see sub yves again. Perhaps next time he will take me out to a fetish party.

~Domina Jade

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