Wednesday, March 29

Let's party this weekend

I love to party and mingle with the fetish community. See me at both Fetish4Play and Fetish Fools Ball. For more information visit the website.

See you there.

~Domina Jade

Monday, March 27

Favorite Role-Plays

Quite often I get requested to role-play. This can either be in person or on the phone. While I enjoy role-play scenarios there are some scenes that hold a special place in my wicked heart.

Medical Role-Play
I play the naughty nurse or doctor, and the submissive plays the patient. What I love is using the stainless steel equipement and prodding it into the patient. Or wrapping the patient in bandage - sorta like bondage for me. As a child I did not get a chance to play doctor too often, maybe it is now that I am catching up ;)

Prison Role-Play
I play the guard and the submissive is the prisoner. Hmmm, I just want to play rough and hold the prisoner to the wall and frisk him. Do a thorough inspections check before entering his caged chambers. I find that walking around with a baton and tapping it in my hand while staring down the prisoner is pretty hot.

Disciplinary Role-Play
This can involve either a teacher and her student or the lieutenant and the soldier. The main idea here is behaviour modicafication. I want to drill my ways in to the submissive and he is expected to learn of be punished.

Interrogation Role-Play
I enjoy scene that involve torture to extract information out of the victim. To tie up the submissive and using implemements such as canes and water torture.

Now most of these role-plays involve my very sadistic side. I love to torture and torment my submissives. To me the sounds of their scream is music to my ears >:) But of course I can be a sensual Mistress, it truly depends on my mood and whether the submissive deserves to see my softer side.

Sometimes I might tease the submissive with my sexiness. A caress on the face, softer voice and whispers. Get the submissive so revved up then deny him to cum :D Then seeing him try so hard to please me because he wants permission to cum. Haha, I love to control the submissive by their weakness, which of course is their dick.

~Domina Jade
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Friday, March 24

Got a Foot Fetish?

So I had a really good time posing for my photo shoot with Robert Harvey today. Check out the preview:

I am always looking for different ideas for my photo shoot. So if you would like to suggest an idea, e-mail me or better yet give me a call.

~Domina Jade
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Thursday, March 23

Fetish To Do List

There are still some fetishes or activities that I would love to try but have not due to lack of opportunity or equipment. I have a fascination with medical play, but there are not too many submissives out there who have shown the same interest. Plus medical play would require sounds and speculums, well a lot of goodies which I currently do not have so it’s on my wishlist. There’s something naughty about playing nurse and doing a body examination. *Grin* Oh what fun I will have as I strap you down onto a medical table as I perform my inspections. Say “Ahhhhhhh”

Something else that I want to explore a lot further is suspension bondage. I want to learn the proper rope methods and suspend the submissive from a high ceiling. To see the submissive bound, gagged and blindfolded creates a warm stir inside of me. With the ass up in the air it gives me a wicked urge to spank it pink or maybe even blue. And once done with the spanking, the ass is ready to take on my strap-on as the finishing touch. But of course, before I make any attempts in this type of bondage play I have to make sure that I know my knots. With time and practice I will be able to.

I am sure there is still much that I want to do and explore. But for now I will be dreaming about the sadistic fun I will have with a submissive in bondage and medical play. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the submissive squirm from being helpless and immobile.

~Domina Jade
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Monday, March 20

It’s not as bad as you think

Recently I had a good session with a novice. The submissive was so new to the scene that I teasingly called him a ‘baby’ submissive. However he was quite eager to learn and experience something new. He demonstrated obedience, respect, and an open-mind – qualities that I look for in a submissive.

The dungeon has a throne chair that doubles as a stocks device. The submissive can kneel and place his head securely through the chair then his wrist is tied to the side of the chair. I had ‘baby’ submissive restrained, blindfolded and helpless as I tickled him with a feather and did some sensation play.

At one point, I told him that I’d pour hot wax all over his body. The submissive was quite adamant not to try. He already had preconceived ideas that it would burn the flesh and be a bad experience. To ease his doubts, I said that I will pour wax on my hand so I know how it feels. (Personally I love the feeling of hot wax on my body – but that’s another story) I then poured the wax on his hand and he was surprised that it was not as bad after all. So I was given the okay to continue with my wax play over his back. The candle was red, so it looked like he had a bloody back by the end of that scene. It was also fun to scrape the wax off with my metal letter holder (one of many pervertables that I have)

Overall it was a pleasant experience. The submissive was quite happy, well except for the CBT but then I don’t blame him. I am glad that I was able to change his mind about something he thought would be a bad experience. As a professional Domme, I will test your limits and push you to try new things. If you only limit yourself to certain activities then you might be missing out on other fun things and sensations.

If you are looking to try something new but you are not ready to try out physically then why not call a Domme for a phone session instead. Personally I enjoy exploring new ideas with a submissive, so if you have a topic to discuss in detail feel free to call me on Niteflirt.

~Domina Jade
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Sunday, March 12

Anti-proDomme sites you SUCK

So I get booted off two adult sites because I advertise that I am a pro-Domme. I was actually bringing in traffic to these sites either in blog format or direct links from MY website. And yet I cannot even mention what I do professionally? I say that’s complete load of crap.

On one site, apparently I am getting complaints for soliciting for business purposes. But in fact it was always the other person who initially sent me a message. I do not e-mail someone out of the blue to make known of my website. I do however respond to their inquiries and leave a signature with my website. So if this is considered solicitation or ‘spam’ then you might as well clear half of the profiles listed on your site. And rather than getting anal about pro-Domme profiles try clearing away the fake profiles instead.

Then my phonesex profile was closed for the same reason above, I left my website signature in a message to a client. Well all I can say is that your website was quite inferior to the phonesex company that I am using now and have been using before you. At least I can send PPV mail with attachments or clients can actually e-mail me back. You are so afraid of losing traffic that you won't even allow your operators to list their WISHLIST! And if my profile has been closed, why not delete it completely? It's still visable to your clientele but there's no operator to take the call. Oh and by the way I am still waiting for a response about the balance owed to me. I have not been paid for my services rendered. So are you going to be thieves as well?

Now I am quite leery about using personals or other phonesex companies. It’s all about their own gain and no one else’s. Besides from both accounts I was not at all impressed with the type of people who either called or emailed me. I might have gotten a handful of interesting submissives but not more than that. Looking back, it was not worth the time and effort to create both accounts. I should have simply dedicated more of my free time tweaking my website and listing on pro-Domme friendly sites like At least there is a section designated for professional Dommes. Plus it’s completely free to join.

Well I am finished with my ranting, now go support my website by clicking on every Mistress Directory site here.

~ Domina Jade
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Photoshoot with Laloux

Since I am in a good mood, I decided to share my new photos taken by Laloux

Have fun viewing. Also check out my MM profile.

~ Domina Jade
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Saturday, March 11

A Day of Pampering and Spoiling

Today I was treated to a manicure and pedicure by my new submissive, slave georges. Actually I told him to treat me to a day of pampering the Mistress because I deserve it. Well, he couldn’t object to my request since he agrees that it is a privilege to serve me anyway.

While I was at the salon I sent slave georges to pick up a couple of things for my office. I am using this new program from Skype so I needed a chat headset. Stay tuned for my distance training programs for international submissives who cannot join Niteflirt

For what I thought would last one hour, the whole manicure/pedicure actually took a little over 2 hours. It started with a nice foot soak, followed by a foot rub. It felt so good to have my feet massaged and rid of any rough spots. Summer is right around the corner, so I will need to have my feet taken care of for sandal season. What a great way to tease all you foot fetishists ;)

Once everything dried off, I put on my boots but didn’t actually button it close. I arrived to the front where slave georges was waiting and told him to help me with my boots. He went down on his knees in front of everyone in the salon and went about his task. I got a couple of speculated looks. But I simply smiled because I enjoy this sort of public humiliation.

Next time I head off to the salon I plan on doing the all body pampering. That means body massage, facials, hand and feet care, hair cut, etc. I have to look smokin’ for my photo shoots right? And of course I expect my submissives to contribute to my “Pampering Fund.”

What followed was a lovely evening at my favorite upscale sushi restaurant Sho-dan located on Rene-Levesque. I enjoy the ambiance and service. Also the ingredients are refreshingly different from your typical sushi restaurant. They display their sushi beautifully – like an art piece that you don’t want to touch.

Overall it was an enjoyable afternoon. I love to be spoiled like a Goddess. On top of that I would like to thank slave georges for contributing $150 to my TOKink fund. To end the evening, I caressed slave george’s face with a hard slap because he craved my touch. I think that’s a lovely way of showing my attention, and slave georges seems to agree. Hehe.

~ Domina Jade
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Wednesday, March 8

My Fascination with Waxing

Last saturday, boytoy j and I went to a private party. It was his first time going to a Montreal private party so I wanted to prep him for the party. I decided that it was time to wax the hair from his back. He had a patch of hair at the nape of his neck and down the lower back. I don't mind hair, in fact I love to scratch his hairy chest or warm my feet there but back hair is something I am not too fond of. So it had to go.

I bought my waxing kit with him a couple of days earlier so he knew what I had in store for him. He simply did not know when. boytoy arrived a couple of hours before the party, that's when I decide to cuff him with his leather restraints and tie his wrists over his head. I attached his ball gag harness over his head so my roomate could not hear him scream as I ripped the wax strips off his back. It was so amusing to see him shudder and yell against his gag. At one point I ripped two strips at the same time. THAT was a huge ouchie.

I love spreading the warm wax over his patch of hair, wait a couple of minutes, then quickly strip away the hair. *Chuckle* The poor guy had such thick hair that I literally ripped out the hair roots. I could see how the waxing traumatized his skin that it created little bumps as a result. The bumps went away a few days later and his back is a lot smoother now.

I have contemplated about waxing his chest, but decided against it because I love running my fingers through his chest hair. And if my feet are feeling cold, I can simply lay them over his chest and use him as a rug. Haha.

Later I rewarded his good behaviour for trying this experiment for me with a massage. So yes I can be wicked and nice at the same time. However I prefer to be wicked and hear my submissives scream ;)

~ Domina Jade
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Tuesday, March 7

TOKink 2006 "Help Wanted"

I originally posted this message in my yahoo group. But figure I might as well post it in my blog to further spread the word.

Click here to join DominaJade
Click to join DominaJade

I came across this site 2 years ago and wanted to go. Unfortunately my budget did not allow me and I did not have someone to accompany me neither.

This year TOKink is holding their Fetish event from April 28-30th. And you subbies are going to help me raise the funds for my excursion to Toronto.

I might even hold real time sessions - however I don't have the complete details quite yet.

I am looking to raise $500 for the weekend trip. And you are going to help me achieve my goal by donating to my TOKink fund If you want to please me, then send an e-mail directly for more payment details. Or use the Niteflirt button below:

Donate $50

I will reward those who have helped me by acknowledging them in the group and they will of course get a couple of never before seen photos and a video clip for their donation.

I am looking to raise this amount before the end of March, so get going and pull out your wallets for me. It will be for a good cause. I plan on learning many techniques from the various different seminars. Hopefully I will learn something new like medical play and piercing.


I am also looking for a chauffeur to drive me in and around the city. If you are a masochistic gentleman then perhaps we might even have a play session at the venue. If you are interested then be sure to read my website thoroughly, and send a respectful letter of intent.

-In good shape
-Clean and groomed
-Able dedicate the whole weekend to me
-Has a car in very good condition
-Able to take me to dinners and shopping
-Extremely open-minded and masochistic
-Genuine and sincere
-Intelligent and has a good sense of humour

This is for the financially stable submissives. During my stay in Toronoto, I expect to be pampered and treated with royal attention. If you cannot accomodate me in this way then do not send your application.

Expect to show your i.d upon meeting and you are required to call me for a phone interview.

Good luck to all the applicants.

~Domina Jade
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