Saturday, December 23

Merry Christmas

In case I don't blog again during the holidays, I want to take a moment to wish all my close friends and submissives a very merry or spanking Christmas. May you continue on to the next year with good health and lotsa play.

A special thanks to my dear friend Mistress Jade Dragon who has provided such a supportive shoulder and many laughs. Kisses.

I had so much fun playing at private and public parties alike. My most memorable moments are usually sitting on the old arm couch at Jules place sharing Domme stories.

To all my dear submissives who have helped enlighten me by making use of your body so I can experiment with new toys or use of my sadistic mind. I thank you very much.

I look forward to a whole new year of self discovery, explorations and new faces as well as old. As with every year that will come to pass, take a moment and reflect on what you have accomplished so far.

So Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hugs to all my friends, and spanks to all my submissives ;)

Domina Jade

p.s. I will be attending the Fetish4Play event on Dec. 29th. I hope to see you all there.

Saturday, December 16

My Schedule

Here is my calendar so you can book a session without having to check with me first.

To see the full page please click MyCalendar

When jokes turn out the truth

One day at work, I decided to wear all black with just a wide leather belt with zippers and metal studs. A co-worker said as a joke, "Oh I know where you are going tonight, you are a dominatrix because of that belt you're wearing"

I laughed with her and simply said, "yes you got me there I am going to whip a submissive real good tonight" And that was the absolute truth!

Oh my god. Of all days to have her say that. I did have a session after work. I had left all my gear in a locker at a mall downtown so my bag wouldn't be checked at the end of my shift.

If only people knew what I do on my days off. LOL.

So has anybody else had similar experiences?? Do share :)

Domina Jade

Wednesday, December 13

Charity for a Discount

Donate to a charity of your choice and get up to $50 discount with your next session with me. Valid until Jan. 19th 2006. Must book through website.

I've been thinking a lot about the needy. This especially happens at around Christmas. I am always conscience about people who need help and I try to do the best that I can. Last year on my birthday I decided to sponsor a child from World Vision. I am still sponsoring Ut and will probably sponsor another child in the future.

This year I want to help more kids. And this is where you come in. For every amount that you donate to either a local charity or international charity like World Vision, I will match that amount (up to $50) in a form of a discount towards your next session with me. I will require a form of proof like a tax receipt in your name.

Feel free to donate generously and just feel better about yourself after doing so. If this idea works out and I see many submissives giving, then I will probably extend this offer indefinately.

Please don't do it just to get a discount, do it because you want to make the world a better place starting with one child at a time.

Domina Jade

Tuesday, December 12

Time to do another review: BadAss Tire Paddle

It's amazing what you can see when you google yourself. Actually in my case not so amazing since my site still ranks no. 1 for "Domina Jade." But that's not the point.

The point is the fourth ranking is Burning Rubber's comment about my review that I made early this year when a sub bought me a tire paddle for my birthday. Since it's my birthday soon JANUARY 19TH ;P and it's time for me to get a new paddle. Why not get the right size 17" paddle for me so I can do another review. (hint hint)

Actually I would LOVE to get new toys to use and abuse on a sub, then do more reviews. So to all you subs who want to be extra generous please get me the following:

Versatile Gag
Whips and Nylon floggers
Glass Dildo I may or may not review this hehe.
TENS unit
Cupping set

If there is a toy that you'd like to give me then I'd be more than happy to use it on you. Be sure to contact me first in case I already have one.

Domina Jade

p.s I am on Jane's Guide. Woohoo.

Saturday, November 11

Yup, still alive

Just letting everyone know that I am still live and kicking (literally :P)

I have been busy in my personal life with work, family and friends. But don't worry I haven't forgotten about my submissives. I still offer Niteflirt phone sessions, once in awhile. Same thing for live sessions.

If you are craving my voice and want humiliation, I will be working on a new recording which *should* be up soon.

Well that's it for now. Don't forget that Christmas is right around the corner and so is my birthday (Jan. 19th) so keep on giving :)

Domina Jade

Wednesday, September 13

It's a sad and tragic day - school shooting

There was a shooting at a college here in my home town. One fatality and at least a dozen others hurt.

My heart and prayers go out to the victims of the school shooting that happened today at Dawson College. I am greatly affected because not only did I go to that school, but so does my little brother who is taking classes this semester. The moment that I heard what was going on, I was in a panick and called him up. He is fine, right now safe at home. However he was in a class perhaps 20 feet away from where the shooting took place.

It will take a few days to recover over this, even though I did not personally witness or experience this terrible and senseless rampage. I only hope that those who have been hurt will be okay as some are in critical condition.

It's even sadder that we just remembered the 9/11. And only 2 days after the anniversary, this happens. I think that I'll donate blood very soon. It's the least that I can do. Today is a sad, sad day.

For more news coverage, here's the link to

~Domina Jade

Monday, September 11

Weekend Play in the Outdoors

I finally realized one of my fantasies, and that is to have a play scene out in the secluded woods. Sub y and I spent saturday night and most of sunday at a chalet up north. I feel so pampered and spoiled.

The fact that there's no running water at the chalet, sub y had to work a bit harder by fetching water from a spring for my morning bath. Also I was feeling a bit sick so he was a complete sweetheart making my tea, getting cough syrup, and making sure that I was doing fine.

Before going to bed on saturday night, we had a little wax play. I LOVE pouring hot wax onto a submissive, almost as much as having wax poured over me. To me, candle wax play can be quite a sensual experience. To have the wax droplets hit your skin to create intense heat then feel it cool off. Wax can be used to decorate your body like art. Depending on where the wax hits, it can be from medium pain to intense pain ... but only for a second. Unless you build up the intensity by letting wax drop over the same spot. Yes, I have a fascination with wax play.

The following day, we took a little walk to scout for the perfect play spot, away from the passerbys. It was a great location full of trees to muffle sounds. Sub y had bought a new electrical toy. I had lots of fun comparing the electric toy with an electric fly zapper. His male tidbits were completely vulnerable. Actually HE was completely vulnerable as I tied him to a tree without a shirt on and his pants were to his ankles. Since he couldn't move, I pretty much had a free for all with him.

The whole experience was fun for both of us. I hope to visit again. But in the meantime, I'll think up lots of thing to do when I get there.

~Domina Jade

Monday, August 28

I'm back and so much better :-)

Well I decided to give you guys a treat on Niteflirt. Basically I had reduced my rate down to .99 only for Sunday. And boy did I get tons of calls. It was truly so much fun humiliating my little sissy sluts, gang-bang a cuckold, role-play the naughty boss, and of course I even offered cam. Those called me on the on Niteflirt and actually got to cum ... better leave me positive feedback before your next call with me. And for the other losers who hung up after 3 minutes, don't even bother calling me back cause I blocked your sorry ass.

I had daniel5496 on cam today. I must admit he was quite a looker, however he was expecting some pussy action. I mean like HELLO! you called the Mistress cam you dumbass. I don't mind being an exhibitionist especially when I feel naughty, however do not ever expect it from me. I will do whatever I want on cam. He did not jump the hoops to get my attention, even said, "I don't take orders too well ... besides I didn't even see your tits and ass yet" Well danny boy you fucktard, I don't take orders to well either. So I ended the call while you still had a limp dick in your hand. LOL. Needless to say he left me a neg, but then I don't give a fuck.

And then the night ended very sweetly when a previous submissive who had served me before called me up to catch up on some news in his life. We had a very pleasant conversation and it was nice to end the night with his sweet words. But check out the feedback he left me, I didn't expect that at all ... Thank you yves, you pretty much made my day *kisses*. And I will see you this weekend for the Fetish Ball.

Overall it was a very productive day on Niteflirt. I haven't been online or on the phone for such a long time, however I am back and doing sooooo much better. I am working on yet another website but dedicated to my Niteflirt services. And I will also be working on a members areas stocked with pics, wicked stories, audio, and videos. So stay tuned and pick up the phone if you want to be part of my stable.

~Domina Jade

Sunday, August 20

Missed me?? New updates to my site

I know, it's been awhile since I lasted posted.

Let me see what did I do while I was away??? Well I have been working (normal job) going out to play parties, water slides, and just enjoying the summer. I have not been dominating submissives very much either in real time or on the phone. But now that the weather is cooling off a little bit, I will be staying home more often.

My website is pretty much completed. I will add more pics along the way. Have a few photoshoots set up this month. So be sure to bookmark if you haven't already.

Also on Niteflirt I will set up cam again. If you are admiring me from afar, and cannot see me personally then you can call me on NF and view my cam. If you cannot join NF because of your country then you can still view my cam on Eyeball and Yahoo. You will need to have AlertPay for this option to work.

Furthermore, I am looking for both female and male submissives for possible fetish video/photo production. Go to my website for the contact information.

~Domina Jade

Saturday, August 5

Best parties are the ones next door

Oh my freakin god ... my head is buzzing fro partying all night until 8am in the morning. It was a total blast. I love living next to students, because they love to party and chances are I can crash in :) Which is exactly what I did last night.

I was about to go to sleep at around midnight when I heard some awesome techno and trance music from upstairs. I had forgotten that it was someone's birthday in the apartment. Not one to miss all the action, I freshened up and went to greet my new neighbors.

It was such a sight to see like 30-50 people dancing and all crammed up in a 3 1/2. They brought in 6 different DJs to really liven the party. Everyone was simply enjoying the techno beat. I will check out rave parties more often because I love the high octane dancing. To feel my body move and feel so in sync with the music. I just want to lose myself.

By morning, I made some new friends. Of course I was getting very hungry so I cooked breakfast for everyone invited. My apartment was just downstairs and I enjoy being a good host. Besides, I like to eat with good company especially kinky minded.

The topic of spanking came up. I offered a couple of my implements to use. We shared a couple of kinky stories. Who knows, I may even have a little play scene in the future.

But for today, I will relax and enjoy the good weather. Then get ready for yet another party, albeit a fetish party for tonight.

~Domina Jade

Friday, July 21

Annoying yahoo sluts ... and good sluts

"Hi I am ..... - wanna cam?"
"So just how kinky are you?"
"You wanna chat? I am handsome, blah, blah, blah"

So I have a yahoo profile, which clearly states that I am a professional Domme. I have my website listed as well as Niteflirt. But of course, yahoo sluts don't read. What is a yahoo slut? A wanker who peruses the profiles. If they see a pretty picture, then they will IM you out of the blue. Most like their profile is pretty much worthless so you know they are just trying to get a free wank session.

But once in a blue moon I will get a slut that I absolutely adore. A financial slut. Those I will use for my own enjoyment as they tribute their way into my world. Sometimes I will put on my cam after they have proven their worth to me, over and over again.

So how do you become a good financial slut? Firstly tribute for my time accordingly. I will not chat with you for free. You want to talk to me then either use Niteflirt or pay to serve me. A good way of getting my attention is to get something from my wishlist BEFORE contacting me. Otherwise your first hello will result in IGNORE. And you don't want to screw your chances with me do you? I didn't think so.

Get a cam if you don't have one. I enjoy having my financial sluts perform humiliating clown acts just to have me laugh at them.

You think you can be a good slut? Then send me a gift. Then be ready to spoil me some more.

~Domina Jade
1-800-TO-FLIRT EXT: 0696571
Visit my website
Stockroom Wishlist

Tuesday, July 11

Must Have - The Better Built Bondage Book

Mistress Jade Dragon had shown me this book The Better Built Bondage Book at a previous BBQ party. I think that every kinkster who wants to make their own equipement should get TBBBB. It's budget friendly since most toys found in the book are relatively inexpensive to make. It give very concise instructions and the photos are pretty nice to look at.

Go visit the TBBBB site for more info. While you're there get me a copy as well ;)

~Domina Jade

Monday, July 10

Busy Weekend

Oooooooh my aching feet. I have been on my feet either dancing or dominating on friday and saturday night. Yesterday I was working. So I've been busy having fun for most of the weekend.

On friday I went clubbing and danced my feet off. I wore heels that I have not worn since last summer. Big mistake. By the end of the night I limped out of the club. I had to take my heels off, which I did. I felt so good to feel my bare feet against the cold hard pavement. Had to watch out for broken glass though.

On saturday I had a very good session with another new submissive. He enjoys heavier pain. I loooooooove to play hard. It gives me an adrenaline rush everytime I bring out a different toy to abuse him with.

I used a couple of pervertables such as a metal bristled dog brush. It will get a submissive to jump with you brush against his nipples. I also used these adorable mini clothespins. You can get them at most craft stores. Thanks Maddog for the idea. These mini clothespins may look cute, but the hurt like a bitch.

What also hurts is my new whip that the submissive bought for me as a gift. It is made of leather and has two strips which points out at the end. It's a stingy toy which I loved using. It will definitelt leave marks over the skin. Thank you sub f. for the gift - I love it.

Later on in the evening I met with sub y. to go to a kinky BBQ. There I met a few familiar faces. The host also had a metal bondage frame as mentioned in my ealier post. It was very well constructed. He attached a stocks device onto the frame. I did place my head and wrists in the stocks to get the feel. Yup I couldn't get out. Very well made.

By 11pm, I got dressed in my pvc corset and skirt. I was ready for play at the Fetish Ball being held at Bain Mathieu. Traffic was such a hassle. sub f. joked that this was bondage that was much too unbearable. When we arrived at Bain Mathieu, half the section was blocked off. It was a completely different set-up. Half the pool served as a dance area. It directly connects to the downstairs lounge. Above the pool was the play space. Because there wasn't much room for both spectators and players, the play area was slightly crowded. But I understand why only half of Bain Mathieu was used because there was a lot less people who came to this venue than the April Fool's Ball.

I enjoy doing public play. It was the second time that I played with sub f. The first time was light play but this time I went a little harder. He proved to be a very good subject for my whippings and spankings. Later on, I'd love to do a double flogger session. I still have to get in touch with Master Gordon about my order.

Overall I had a nice time at Fetish Ball. My feet were once again killing me. So I had sub y massage my feet in the lounge. Ahhhhhh, I could have fallen asleep there.

~ Domina Jade

Friday, July 7

Boxing and stinky feet

So I had a session last night with a new submissive. I love playing with new submissives because it gives me a sense of excitement as I explore what buttons to push. I love to see them squirm when I dish out the punishments which later end with a reward (if they deserve it).

This submissive, we'll call him mad4mitts has a fetish for boxing gloves and stinky feet. I've never boxed before so I was looking forward to try on the gloves for the first time. Prior to the session, I envisioned myself beating the daylights out of the submissive because, well I wanted to. Punching the submissive in the face, giving him side jabs to the ribs, and of course pummeling his cock. I even chuckled to myself as I thought about kneeing him in the the place where 'sun don't shine' and watching him drop to the floor crying. Unfortunately my session didn't go that way. He was simply too old for my beatings - so I spared him.

However I wasn't going to let him go so easily. If I couldn't use him as my punching bag then I would tease him. I can be such a good cocktease, in fact I love it when I tease someone so good then not allow him to touch his hard-on. mad4mitts got exactly that.

I rubbed his face with the boxing gloves. Made him smell the leather. Even lightly punched his face and humiliated him by saying that he was absolutely weak before me. I could easily beat him to a pulp if we were to fight against each other. He was quite turned on knowing what I said was true.

By now my feet was getting all stinky in my running shoes. Running shoes? What you'd think I'd be wearing heels to a boxing sessions? I have to admit that I do have a slight problem with foot odeur especially in the summer when it gets super hot. I usually wear open toed sandals unless I am working out. Anyways, my feet stank by the time I took off my running shoes. mad4mits over here was tied to the bondage bed, so I stuffed my shoe over his face and made him smell it. I laugh as I humiliated him then tease him for having a hard-on.

I sat on a chair and commanded him to lie on his back in front of me. As I rubbed my bare feet over his face and had him suck on my toes, he tried to touch himself. But I jerked his hands away with the rope which was still tied to both of his wrists. It's as if I was controlling a marionette doll. Letting him touch then when he's on the verge of cumming, his hands were suddenly pulled away. I laughed gleefully when mad4mitts begged to cum. Knowing that I controlled him and could get anything from him, I made him agree to pay for my kickboxing classes. And I will hold you to your promise. Hey what a Mistress wants, she gets.

Overall it was a delightful session. Since I did not get to box as much, I am looking forward to sparring with a submissive who can take the good beating. It's been awhile since I whipped someone black and blue. Maybe I will get a chance tomorrow night at Fetish Ball.

~ Domina Jade

Sunday, July 2

Kinky Pool Party

I can't think of anything better to celebrate Canada Day than a kinky pool party. The party was hosted by a couple well known in the BDSM community because of KINK. I got to see and have fun with all my kinky friends; Mistress Jade Dragon (see her blog), Michael, Sir Marc, and Maddog.

What a great way to start the summer. There was good food, good music, a cold pool, and an open fire. I managed to fit into bikini but will get a new bathing suit because the ass part is getting loose. In the pool we were running around to make whirlwinds then floated with the motion on boogie boards. We were silly and acted like a bunch of kids, but hey it summer. Plus who says we can't act like kids once in awhile.

I was given a tour of the house and cozy dungeon. I must admit it was quite small, given the 9x9 room. However they fixed the room perfect for two without being too crowed. It has a nice Egyptian theme and I absolutely adore the wood boards across one wall to serve as a bondage area.

Throughout the whole night we talked about Jade Dragon's kitties, shared funny stories about trips to the hardware store, and I had a big bruise from a move so I joked that if I was a submissive I'd be so proud to show it off.

There wasn't much play in the dungeon room, however there was plenty of relaxing in the hot tub in the couple's basement. Now this is something that EVERY household should have. It felt so great to feel the water jets against my lower back and shoulder blades. I was completely sore all over after moving my best friend on Friday. My highlight of the evening was to soak in the hot tub or the roasting of marshmallows over the open fire.

Now I can't help but long for my own house. I would have a dungeon in the basement to host my own parties. I'd make sure that I have a decent backyard with high fences to play outside discreetly. What's even better is to own a house out in the country with my own acre of woodlands. Just thinking about all the outdoor activities such as horse play and slave pinata makes me all giddy inside. But first things first, fix my apt. dungeon.

There is still so much to get. I am open to negociating toys and equipement for a reduced tribute for a session. When I first started exploring my kink with people I would negotiate my toys and wardrobe for a kinky scene. I think it's a great way for submissives who are low on cash but can offer a skill instead.

Well it's a gorgeous day today. It's hot and sunny, I might just call up my girlfriend for a swim.

~Domina Jade

Sunday, June 25

New website updates

Well I managed to make a couple of changes to my website. It's been frustrating trying to understand the control panel. The site is still undergoing changes so expect to see something new and different in the next couple of days or weeks.

~ Domina Jade

Thursday, June 22

I want THIS toy

I came across this personal bdsm site. It features a metal frame for bondage and many other uses. What's great about this frame is that it can be taken down and hidden away quite easily. I am thinking that this bondage piece will be perfect for my place.

So, to ALL my ATM piggies and whoever .... donate to my Toy Fund right now. I am hoping to have this custom made by the time summer is over, if not sooner. Just think you are giving to a great cause, which is my happiness. So it's in your best interest to empty your wallets for me right now. To make things idiot-proof. Click on the button below for an instant cash deposit into my Niteflirt account :) Don't be cheap. You have my permission to click more than once.




I also accept other methods of payment. Send me an e-mail to find out how.

~Domina Jade
1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext: 0696571

Friday, June 16

Move's Over

Well my move has been without any major headaches. I had my friends help me out and I could not have had my move without them. Now I am settled in my new apartment. I love my new space. What I love about this place is that it's close to all amenities and it's just a 20 minute metro ride to downtown.

There are still some things that I need to do before I feel like it's home, such as painting and buying some new curtains. I have plenty of storage space. In fact I have a cellar that is placed underneath some stairs. What's great is that I can transform that cellar into a cage for a disobedient pet or just someone who loves cages. I will have someone place a wrought iron gate behind the door so it's discreetly hidden from the 'vanilla' folk.

My office is will be set in a way that I can move around furniture to accomodate a dungeon. I plan on getting a cross, a spanking bench and a bondage chair. I think those are the basics which suit me fine. I don't need a lot to dominate someone. In fact it's not the fact that I have the equipement that makes me a Domme, it's my attitude. But since I am such a visual person, I will have my toys.

I still don't have internet connection so if you send me an e-mail don't expect a response right away. It could take up to a week before you hear from me. This also means that I won't be taking session appointments until I am completely settled in. But everything should be over with by the end of June.

Well one thing is for sure without my internet and cable, I am enjoying the company of my close friends. It was time to see them anyways.

Domina Jade

Tuesday, June 6

KinkySexRadio is a great radio broadcast site which talks about kinky sex, BDSM, kink, etc. I just discovered them and I absolutely enjoy listening to their shows. I have listened to other kinky talkshows but this is one of the few that actually interests me.

Go check them out.

~Domina Jade

Saturday, May 27

It all began with panties

I have to admit, I stumbled onto fetishes by accident perhaps 4-5 years ago. And it all began with my panties. Yes, my panties or rather my thongs. But how?? Well it all began on the fated day when I stumbled onto a panty auction website, notibly I have always been intrigued by the concept of someone buying a girl's worn panties.

I first heard about it from friends and how in Japan there were these vending machines distributing girl's worn underwear. My first reaction had been 'yuck, who'd buy used underwear? That's nasty' But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to find outabout this 'perverted act'. So began my research and then my eventual participation as a 'panty girl'

Initially girls began to auction off their panties on eBay. But due to the new rules about body parts and liquid, eBay banned these types of auctions. Hence eBanned was born. And now it's a rather huge community with hundreds of different girls auctioning off more than just panties but also pantyhose, used clothing, videos, pictures sets, and even 'brownies' I am sure you have an idea of what THAT is.

As a student with limited funds I figured why not? Pretty harmless, and in fact it is. The new girl will always get tons of bids. I think it went up to $50 just for a panty of mine. I was like 'wow' I'll bet I can post an auction every week for some extra spending money. That lasted for perhaps a year or two.

It was so much fun too. I was adored, worshipped, and praised. I started to finally understand why someone would buy a girl's worn panty. It was an intimate act shared between me and the winning bidder. I would wear the panty for no more than two days, during which I would even masturbate in them because it was such a turn on. Then ship it out when it's was pretty soaked and scented. And I did a pretty damn good job at it too because I always had repeat buyers.

Next to panties, I also posted my worn pantyhose. So I got to to chat with foot fetishists. I remember one particular guy who was also into financial domination. He just adored my size 6 feet. Gotta admit, my feet a pretty to look at. He begged and begged me to send him my foot pictures in exchange for tribute. I could have sent him my photos for a minimal charge, but here was this submissive who wanted to spend his money on me ... no, on my pictures. So I happily charged him extra. But it always rollballed into something else. So began a Mistress and submissive relationship. He then began to send me weekly tributes in the sum of hundreds of dollars. By the end of our relationship, I pretty much sucked out a couple of thousand from him. Now let me remind you that as a student, that's a shitload of money. My books and tuition was pretty much paid for.

But being the curious person that I am, I wanted to learn more about fetishes and domination. By now I was absolutely hooked. Yes of course money was great but there had to be more to domination than financial domination and panty sluts. Although I enjoyed controlling submissives online or e-mail, I wanted more. I wanted to see what was like to dominate in real-time.

By trial and error I learned to become a better Mistress. No one trained me how to be a Dominatrix - although I did read a couple of books. And even if I had the opportunity to be trained, I would not go that way. My method of domination will remain true to me and no one else. I did not start as a submissive. I was not a bossy young teenager tormenting little boys. None of that happened. I'd say my curious nature and open-mind lend me to many wonderful things.

I am happy to say that most of my early experiments with different submissives were good one. I still chat with a few of them as friends. I am of course still learning. Going to public and private play parties, attending BDSM seminars, exchanging tips among my kinkys friends.

There's a second stepping stone to my journey towards Domination, but that will have to wait for next time ...

~Domina Jade

How can you help me? Gag

I love toys. I love my floggers, paddles, strap-on's, and of course my gags. And I love it even more when a toy can actually serve a purpose.

The "How may I serve you" Gag series are ingenious. I absolutely love the idea of snapping different attachments to serve a different purpose.

I can just imagine and fantasize my submissive on hands and knees in front of my toilet bowl cleaning it with the brush attachment.

Wouldn't you want that priviledge, slave? To clean my house with the use of your mouth. Having your hands tied behind your back while you do the housechores. It would be quite amusing to see. Don't you think?

For more information about this toy visit my Wishlist Better yet, buy it for me. But do it quick because JT's Stockroom is having a 10% discount on selected items bought from my wishlist for this week only. I expect many toys in my mailbox :D

~Domina Jade

Sunday, May 14

Don't call me on a holiday

Well I have almost finished packing all my things. Been re-organizing my files, downsizing my belongings. When makes me think how much crap I actually own. My new apartment will be considerably smaller than my current. So I will have live more organized and use all my space to the max. Which is fine by me because the less clutter there is the easier my life will be. And of course it is always useful having help around the house. Thank goodness for slave georges. He and I went shopping yesterday for moving supplies, scented candles, and a bonsai plant. Now that the packing is almost done, I can start planning the actual move sometime in June.

Today is Mother's Day. I got my mom a lovely flower "Lys de Stargazer" and a pot. She appreciated the gesture plus the plant sure does give the house a nice smell. I had no plans other than to see my mom. Surprisingly I received calls for a session from several submissives. One even tried to tempt me into punishing him for taking me away from my mom. Don't think so buddy - but I am available next weekend. There are several holidays that I will not be sessioning; My birthday (Jan. 19th), Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, New Years Eve & Day, Mothers & Father's Day .. So take note cause I'll be busy. However there are still many days in the year to see me, just remember to book in advance (24hours) or you'll be disappointed because I always have plans.

~Domina Jade

Saturday, May 6

These losers should get a life

Sometimes I get requests to add to my MSN from people I don't know. Normally I deny that request because I prefer receiving an e-mail first. I am not on MSN all the time and when I am on, I tend to chat with people that I have already met. But today I decided to add Jack onto my list then go online to see who this is. This is sorta how the conversation goes ...

'My friends say you are a whore, do you want the details' then another box opens up and all of a sudden I am chatting with 2 other strangers. And they launch into bashing me. At this point I blocked all of them because this is a complete waste of my time, which confirms why I usually deny chat requests.


I have better things to do than to debate whether or not what I do is whorish. If you have problems with what I do, then I don't give a flying fuck. So get a life rather than playing your pathetic games online. Here's some useful advice, since you seem to love each others company so much and have a lot of time to spare try slutting and whoring among yourselves and fuck each other in the ass. Trust me you'll enjoy it. Then you will regret blowing your chances with me and my strap-on.

~Domina Jade

Monday, May 1

Argaive photos now available

Click, click, click :D

NEW!!! Domina Jade and a slave

~Domina Jade

Sunday, April 30

Sunday session with sub yves

Today was absolutely gorgeous. What a perfect day to have a session too. Sub yves and I had exchanged emails and spoken a few times on Niteflirt. So by the time we finally met in person, I knew him enough to be comfortable playing with him. Prior to the session I broke out my chunky open toed sandals. Since it has been awhile since I wore them, my feet were aching by time I arrived at the dungeon. So guess who got to rub my feet.

What a pleasant surprise when sub yves presented me with a present. He bought a tube top dress with a glitery dragon in front and black pantyhose also with dragons. These thoughtful gestures certainly do put a smile on my face. Truthfully I haven't been in the best moods lately but sub yves really did cheer me up. Thank you yves.

A funny story about the purchase. Yves went a sex store located outside of Montreal. The saleswoman was someone in her fifties. She asked yves if he was buying for his girlfriend, to which he responded that it's the first time he's meeting me. The woman then mentioned that she had the perfect pill for him to ensure we would have a 'good time.' Needless to say, yves passed up on the offer and said he had no problems getting it up. The woman quipped, 'oh that's what they all say.' I broke out laughing when I heard that story.

So we began the session with the rubbing of the feet. He mentioned to me that he brought a video camera in case I would like to video tape the scene. Absolutely yes. I took a sip from my water bottle, then asked if he was thirsty. When he nodded, I spit the water into his mouth which also splashed everywhere on his face and on the floor. I couldn't let the floor remain wet, so I had him lick every drop. I directed him where to lick and I videotaped the whole incident from above.

The session progressed into having his balls and penis tied up and attaching the rope to his collar. I had his head bent as if to bow his head. I reminded him that I had so much control over his body, he was to obey and serve me. I later bound him completely with saran wrap from neck to ankles. He was immobile and sweating profusely. I knew he felt vulnerable especially as I stuck a dildo into his mouth. Everything was on tape, even the part where he's sucking the dildo.

The session was quite amusing. I had a lot of fun with yves. My second appointment got cancelled, so yves and I went for dinner downtown at a resto called Mango Bay. The food was great, too bad the service was slow.

So overall, I had a pleasant Sunday afternoon. I am sure that I will see sub yves again. Perhaps next time he will take me out to a fetish party.

~Domina Jade

Non-kinky's night out

I almost did not go to Inferno because I lacked transportation there. However I convinced my non-kinky friend to come out with me. It was so last minmute (started chatting on msn at 10:58pm) that we missed a good portion of CMF's show. Oh well, maybe next time.

Even though I brought my bag of goodies with me, I ended dancing the whole night. The music was good, we were non stop on the dance floor the whole night through. I think that next time I will tour the play area a little bit more a snag myself a willing victim. I love to play in public.

Come to think of it, I should have given my friend a tour of the play area. Perhaps next time if he decides to go to another fetish party. Too bad he's not of submissive nature, I would have enjoyed tying him up and spanking him. I do enjoy rosy cheeks :D

Well, there are many others who'd love to get their ass spanked by me. And I will do so with a smile.

~Domina Jade

Friday, April 28

My fetish list for my new apartment

Today I have signed my lease to my new apartment which I get to move in for July. Now the only thing that I have to think of next is packing my things and the moving day madness. But I will worry about that later.

For the next couple of weeks I am going to concentrate on getting supplies and furniture for my very own dungeon! I am absolutely ecstatic about playing whenever I want in my own privacy. I can invite my kinky friends over or even have extended play with submissives. But of course I have to have my dungeon filled with the essentials.

A couple of things that I will require:

Spreader bars in various lengths
Wrist and ankle cuffs
Plenty of bondage rope in different thicknesses
Metal hooks and rings
Spanking bench
Industrial roll of plastic wrap

Non-kinky items in large quantity:
Paper towels
Baby wipes
latex gloves

So if you want to see that I get what I want and need for my new dungeon then contribute to my "Dungeon Fund" I accept NF and PP donations. E-mail me for more details.

~Domina Jade

Wednesday, April 26

Spoil your Mistress today and tomorrow always

I get quite a few regular callers on Niteflirt. The topic of discussion varies from feminization, financial domination to playing out different role-plays. My favorite are of course financial domination. I get so much satisfaction out of submissives emptying their wallets and paying my bills.

Take slaverick, he simply cannot get enough of me. He's been my paypig for several months. It started off slowly as I would have him pay for my pictures at a higher price, because I can. He's been sending me cash at least every week. And now he's upgraded to paying my rent. Today he accepted a payment request from paypal for $250, and he will accept another $250 on NF. So he's currently in my Hall of Fame among submissives. In no time he will have sent me hundreds and soon thousands.

I have others who enjoy spoiling me like malcolm who is also my panty slut. I sent him my worn panties to sniff and worship. It should arrive in his mailbox pretty soon. I've sent him audio instructions to follow when the package does arrive. I've had plenty of panty sluts like him before, and I still have room for more.

There's sissyMimi who is just going beyond his comfort zone with my help. He is keeping an online journal and will correspond with me on a daily basis. Tomorrow I will have him wear to work ladies panties underneath his trousers. He's quite nervous because he's never done this before and will always be thinking about the possibilty of being caught. But he will do his task just to please me. To visit sissyMimi's blog click here.

Another task that I sent someone to do is submissive jay. I had him cum into a cup and save it as 'jam' for breakfast. It was the most disgusting thing he's tasted on toast. LOL. I did hear that eating pineapple daily will sweeten your cum ;)

And then there are baby subs who just don't know what they want. But when I tell them to do something, they simply don't have the nerve and chicken out. I am talking about you rygar7737. As of now I am blocking your sorry ass for disappointing me. I don't want to hear from you or speak to you. You have wasted my time so I am ridding myself from you. Well should be what you want now, but when you eventually your mind it's too late because you are no longer accepted in my domain.

Of course not everyone disappoints me like rygar. The majority of submissives that I speak to on NF are very entertaining and eager to please me. I have had great pleasure in controlling everyone of my close submissives.

If you haven't called me yet, then you should by now.

~Domina Jade

Friday, April 21

Argaive Photography

Sweet! The long awaited pics from Argaive are almost ready. Here are a few samples of the beautiful photography we came up with.


Domina Jade

Eros Guide Picture Update

Every month I get to update my pictures for my ad on Eros Guide Montreal. It's a site that references Escorts, Dancers, Masseuse and Dommes. They have a great way of adding traffic to my site through their 'what's new' page.

Go see what's new ... and be sure to bookmark and check for my new pic every mid-month or every 30 days. Eros Guide Montreal

~Domina Jade

Nipple Torture

I had a marvelous time last night with my good friend philippe. We started playing at around midnight and finished the scene by 2am.

He's such a nipple torture slut. Afterwards when I saw how big and perky his nipples were I remarked that he can now fit into an A cup lol. Here are some photos to look at:

We haven't played in two months. So last night, it was a blast seeing him suffer for me again. It's not everyday that I get to play with such a pain slut that when I do play, it's a real treat for me. I love watching him moan in sweet agony as I perform my nipple tortures, cbt, bondage, caning, and spanking. LOVE IT.

Now I need a bit of practice with my caning techniques and so he showed me an extreme caning website Mood Pictures. Talk about hardcore and extreme caning sessions. I don't think that I am at that level quite yet. I know that philippe is capability of taking that sort of torture so when I am ready hopefully he will be my subject.

Well it's another beautiful day ... I wonder who will call me for a session. I am just itching to practice my techniques on a willing victim >:)

~Domina Jade

Thursday, April 20

Cabaret Mado

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. I took my bike out and rode out to check an apartment for rent. Turns out that I love the place. Hopefully I will be accepted as a tenant.

The nice weather has been encouraging me to ride my bike everywhere. Pretty soon I will have buns of steel. Also my thighs and calves will be a power to be reckoned with when I kick my submissives in the ass LOL. I did 3 hours of biking without much pain unlike the last time (I now have gel seats to cushion my lovely bum) so no more complaining from me ;)

By the time I got home it was 7pm - I felt restless and didn't want to stay home. So I called up my good friend philippe. We went out to St. Denis, had coffee and just caught up on news and life. It was a perfect night, just a little breeze not too cold and not too hot. Everything was great until a pebble shot into my plate, good thing I just finished. Construction on St Denis makes everything dusty - especially with the afternoon walking traffic. So we continued the night on Ste Catherine.

We came across a drag bar named Cabaret Mado. Since I've never been to a drag bar, but only seen one from movies, we checked it out. It was a blast. I fully appreciate the work that these drag queens put into their costumes and make-up. Hmmm maybe I can get pointers for make-up. They are also great performers and funny as hell. I plan on going back perhaps on monday since I am such a geek for Karaoke nights.

~Domina Jade

Monday, April 17

Moving Day headaches

So, did everyone have a pleasant Easter this weekend? I had a very quiet weekend as I don't celebrate Easter, however I don't mind getting chocolates LOL. I am now on a a veggie diet to flush out the impurities in my system.

Spoiling myself with chocolate was not all I had done .. I did take a *few* calls on Nitefirt and checked the newspaper for a new apartment. Moving is such a hassle here in Montreal. I think we're the only city that has July 1st as a moving day and it's the dumbest ritual ever. So I trying on finding a place for June in order to bypass the moving day headache. Then I have to consider renting a moving truck and hire men to move my stuff. And I have A LOT of stuff. But once it's all over, I will have fun painting and decorating my own place. No roomates with different decorating styles, no disagreements, no sharing bathrooms, and dammit I can walk naked in the apartment if I want to. Yup, I am looking forward to moving out and starting fresh.

Now, if only I can actually sign a lease ... I will be happy.

~Domina Jade

Saturday, April 15

Silly Video Clip

I love Firefox, won't change my browser for anything else. I guess I am not the only one.

Click here

Btw Happy easter

~Domina Jade

Thursday, April 6

First Podcast and Mr. Anonymous' 5 minutes of fame

I enjoy talking on the phone and as well making recordings. So I've decided to make my first podcast. Now for the time being it is being hosted on - but that should change in May as I am updating my website ... again.

From my previous post I'd mention about laughing at mr. anonymous for insulting my blog ... so have a listen and send me feedback.

Click here to listen

~Domina Jade

Tuesday, April 4

Not much of a Dominant?

Here is my conversation on msn with a submissive from Lavalife.

thomas: hello Ma'am

Domina Jade: hello

Domina Jade: so I granted you permission to chat with me for a bit on msn

thomas: thank you Ma'am

thomas: you are looking for a masochist ?

Domina Jade: absolutely

thomas: as a personal sub to you Ma'am?

Domina Jade: well that option might be available but it all depends

thomas: may i ask on what Ma'am?

Domina Jade: well for one thing I don't want a do-me submissive

thomas: no Ma'am

Domina Jade: When I choose a submissive it will be on my terms

thomas: but i may not like all your likes and do have my own limits...

Domina Jade: well of course and I respect that

thomas: somehow i knew that

Domina Jade: I don't like someone dictating what I can do

thomas:i see

Domina Jade: however I will push limits

thomas: you mean not dictating my hard limits Ma'am?

Domina Jade: not quite, it's more like telling me to do this and that without
considering what I want first

Domina Jade: I have disregarded countless 'subs' who launch into what I should do to them, rather than ask what they can do for me

thomas: may i ask what i can do for you first MA'am?

Domina Jade: well I prefer casual conversation for now

thomas: i appreciate that

Domina Jade: I want to know more about you and why you think you can serve me

thomas: well mainly because you are looking for someone who loves pain Ma'am...i love
corporal discipline...up to the cane as my pic is kinda showing

thomas: but i also would like to know about what other things you like to not sure i am capable of those things or they could be things i havent tried or hard limits

thomas: i am also a very nice down to earth man who loves to have fun

Domina Jade: well I enjoy severe cp, strap-on play, slight feminization, trampling, bondage, humblers, medical scenes, play piercing, temp. branding, gs,

Domina Jade: but most importantly I enjoy being spontaneous with my scenes

thomas: i appreciate that...

thomas: I enjoy severe cp, bondage and have not tried the others and would not be interested...sorry

Domina Jade: I am pretty big on verbal and physical humiliation too

thomas: thats acceptable

Domina Jade: well if you are not really interested in the rest as I am then I don't think this will work out. When I am searching for a submissive, I prfer that he enjoys overall the similar activities that I also like

thomas: then you cant be much of a Dominant Woman have no idea what a submissive is then Ma'am...its not only what you like or think ... and appreciate your're right this would never work!!

thomas: take care

So am I the only person to see something wrong here? I am not much of a Dominant woman because I actually express what I am interested in and follow those views? What am I to do, mend my ways just because a submissive does not share similar tastes? Before I could respond back thomas logged off - well in any case he's blocked for his lack of manners towards the end of the convo.

The way I see it, I will not waste my time on someone who is not compatible with me. If he/she does not participate nor has no interest in trying then why should I give him my precious time?? What we had here was a situation of non-compatibility. I would have accepted if we left it at that but no, he leaves an insulting remark that I am not 'domme' enough. Which leaves me to believe he's a do-me submissive afterall. Well better I know sooner than later as I say....

~Domina Jade

Sunday, April 2

Review for Fetish4Play and Fetish Fool's Ball

I had a BLAST partying at both Fetish4Play and Fetish Fool's Ball. Both parties were well planned out and I am all partied out!

Friday night was the Fetish Expo at the Fetish4Play where local crafts people display their fetish talents. It varied from photography, custom made floggers, paddles, humblers, figurines, and jewelry. It was a fantastic night to see them showcase their work. During the party we were entertained by a demo performed by Master Luk, Calamity and Freaky Nat. It was sexy and highly entertaining.

Betcha love this one eh ;)

(Personal cameras not allowed so no pics for saturday)

Saturday night was the Fetish Fool's Ball at Bain Mathieu. I was absolutely awestruck during the whole event. There was an empty pool at the center which people can dance in, a projection screen inside a large ball hanging from the ceiling, dancing performers all night through, an acrobat performance with ceiling drapes, kickass DJ, big play area, and lounge area that can be entered by the side of the pool. The whole night was phenomenal - I believe these types of events will put Montreal on the map for one of THE best places for Fetish nights.

So now I am completely exhausted from the dancing and playing. But it was one of the best weekends I have ever had. Now I am off to bed and dream about the good times :)

~Domina Jade

Wednesday, March 29

Let's party this weekend

I love to party and mingle with the fetish community. See me at both Fetish4Play and Fetish Fools Ball. For more information visit the website.

See you there.

~Domina Jade

Monday, March 27

Favorite Role-Plays

Quite often I get requested to role-play. This can either be in person or on the phone. While I enjoy role-play scenarios there are some scenes that hold a special place in my wicked heart.

Medical Role-Play
I play the naughty nurse or doctor, and the submissive plays the patient. What I love is using the stainless steel equipement and prodding it into the patient. Or wrapping the patient in bandage - sorta like bondage for me. As a child I did not get a chance to play doctor too often, maybe it is now that I am catching up ;)

Prison Role-Play
I play the guard and the submissive is the prisoner. Hmmm, I just want to play rough and hold the prisoner to the wall and frisk him. Do a thorough inspections check before entering his caged chambers. I find that walking around with a baton and tapping it in my hand while staring down the prisoner is pretty hot.

Disciplinary Role-Play
This can involve either a teacher and her student or the lieutenant and the soldier. The main idea here is behaviour modicafication. I want to drill my ways in to the submissive and he is expected to learn of be punished.

Interrogation Role-Play
I enjoy scene that involve torture to extract information out of the victim. To tie up the submissive and using implemements such as canes and water torture.

Now most of these role-plays involve my very sadistic side. I love to torture and torment my submissives. To me the sounds of their scream is music to my ears >:) But of course I can be a sensual Mistress, it truly depends on my mood and whether the submissive deserves to see my softer side.

Sometimes I might tease the submissive with my sexiness. A caress on the face, softer voice and whispers. Get the submissive so revved up then deny him to cum :D Then seeing him try so hard to please me because he wants permission to cum. Haha, I love to control the submissive by their weakness, which of course is their dick.

~Domina Jade
1-800-TO-FLIRT EXT: 0696571

Friday, March 24

Got a Foot Fetish?

So I had a really good time posing for my photo shoot with Robert Harvey today. Check out the preview:

I am always looking for different ideas for my photo shoot. So if you would like to suggest an idea, e-mail me or better yet give me a call.

~Domina Jade
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Thursday, March 23

Fetish To Do List

There are still some fetishes or activities that I would love to try but have not due to lack of opportunity or equipment. I have a fascination with medical play, but there are not too many submissives out there who have shown the same interest. Plus medical play would require sounds and speculums, well a lot of goodies which I currently do not have so it’s on my wishlist. There’s something naughty about playing nurse and doing a body examination. *Grin* Oh what fun I will have as I strap you down onto a medical table as I perform my inspections. Say “Ahhhhhhh”

Something else that I want to explore a lot further is suspension bondage. I want to learn the proper rope methods and suspend the submissive from a high ceiling. To see the submissive bound, gagged and blindfolded creates a warm stir inside of me. With the ass up in the air it gives me a wicked urge to spank it pink or maybe even blue. And once done with the spanking, the ass is ready to take on my strap-on as the finishing touch. But of course, before I make any attempts in this type of bondage play I have to make sure that I know my knots. With time and practice I will be able to.

I am sure there is still much that I want to do and explore. But for now I will be dreaming about the sadistic fun I will have with a submissive in bondage and medical play. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the submissive squirm from being helpless and immobile.

~Domina Jade
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Monday, March 20

It’s not as bad as you think

Recently I had a good session with a novice. The submissive was so new to the scene that I teasingly called him a ‘baby’ submissive. However he was quite eager to learn and experience something new. He demonstrated obedience, respect, and an open-mind – qualities that I look for in a submissive.

The dungeon has a throne chair that doubles as a stocks device. The submissive can kneel and place his head securely through the chair then his wrist is tied to the side of the chair. I had ‘baby’ submissive restrained, blindfolded and helpless as I tickled him with a feather and did some sensation play.

At one point, I told him that I’d pour hot wax all over his body. The submissive was quite adamant not to try. He already had preconceived ideas that it would burn the flesh and be a bad experience. To ease his doubts, I said that I will pour wax on my hand so I know how it feels. (Personally I love the feeling of hot wax on my body – but that’s another story) I then poured the wax on his hand and he was surprised that it was not as bad after all. So I was given the okay to continue with my wax play over his back. The candle was red, so it looked like he had a bloody back by the end of that scene. It was also fun to scrape the wax off with my metal letter holder (one of many pervertables that I have)

Overall it was a pleasant experience. The submissive was quite happy, well except for the CBT but then I don’t blame him. I am glad that I was able to change his mind about something he thought would be a bad experience. As a professional Domme, I will test your limits and push you to try new things. If you only limit yourself to certain activities then you might be missing out on other fun things and sensations.

If you are looking to try something new but you are not ready to try out physically then why not call a Domme for a phone session instead. Personally I enjoy exploring new ideas with a submissive, so if you have a topic to discuss in detail feel free to call me on Niteflirt.

~Domina Jade
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Sunday, March 12

Anti-proDomme sites you SUCK

So I get booted off two adult sites because I advertise that I am a pro-Domme. I was actually bringing in traffic to these sites either in blog format or direct links from MY website. And yet I cannot even mention what I do professionally? I say that’s complete load of crap.

On one site, apparently I am getting complaints for soliciting for business purposes. But in fact it was always the other person who initially sent me a message. I do not e-mail someone out of the blue to make known of my website. I do however respond to their inquiries and leave a signature with my website. So if this is considered solicitation or ‘spam’ then you might as well clear half of the profiles listed on your site. And rather than getting anal about pro-Domme profiles try clearing away the fake profiles instead.

Then my phonesex profile was closed for the same reason above, I left my website signature in a message to a client. Well all I can say is that your website was quite inferior to the phonesex company that I am using now and have been using before you. At least I can send PPV mail with attachments or clients can actually e-mail me back. You are so afraid of losing traffic that you won't even allow your operators to list their WISHLIST! And if my profile has been closed, why not delete it completely? It's still visable to your clientele but there's no operator to take the call. Oh and by the way I am still waiting for a response about the balance owed to me. I have not been paid for my services rendered. So are you going to be thieves as well?

Now I am quite leery about using personals or other phonesex companies. It’s all about their own gain and no one else’s. Besides from both accounts I was not at all impressed with the type of people who either called or emailed me. I might have gotten a handful of interesting submissives but not more than that. Looking back, it was not worth the time and effort to create both accounts. I should have simply dedicated more of my free time tweaking my website and listing on pro-Domme friendly sites like At least there is a section designated for professional Dommes. Plus it’s completely free to join.

Well I am finished with my ranting, now go support my website by clicking on every Mistress Directory site here.

~ Domina Jade
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Photoshoot with Laloux

Since I am in a good mood, I decided to share my new photos taken by Laloux

Have fun viewing. Also check out my MM profile.

~ Domina Jade
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Saturday, March 11

A Day of Pampering and Spoiling

Today I was treated to a manicure and pedicure by my new submissive, slave georges. Actually I told him to treat me to a day of pampering the Mistress because I deserve it. Well, he couldn’t object to my request since he agrees that it is a privilege to serve me anyway.

While I was at the salon I sent slave georges to pick up a couple of things for my office. I am using this new program from Skype so I needed a chat headset. Stay tuned for my distance training programs for international submissives who cannot join Niteflirt

For what I thought would last one hour, the whole manicure/pedicure actually took a little over 2 hours. It started with a nice foot soak, followed by a foot rub. It felt so good to have my feet massaged and rid of any rough spots. Summer is right around the corner, so I will need to have my feet taken care of for sandal season. What a great way to tease all you foot fetishists ;)

Once everything dried off, I put on my boots but didn’t actually button it close. I arrived to the front where slave georges was waiting and told him to help me with my boots. He went down on his knees in front of everyone in the salon and went about his task. I got a couple of speculated looks. But I simply smiled because I enjoy this sort of public humiliation.

Next time I head off to the salon I plan on doing the all body pampering. That means body massage, facials, hand and feet care, hair cut, etc. I have to look smokin’ for my photo shoots right? And of course I expect my submissives to contribute to my “Pampering Fund.”

What followed was a lovely evening at my favorite upscale sushi restaurant Sho-dan located on Rene-Levesque. I enjoy the ambiance and service. Also the ingredients are refreshingly different from your typical sushi restaurant. They display their sushi beautifully – like an art piece that you don’t want to touch.

Overall it was an enjoyable afternoon. I love to be spoiled like a Goddess. On top of that I would like to thank slave georges for contributing $150 to my TOKink fund. To end the evening, I caressed slave george’s face with a hard slap because he craved my touch. I think that’s a lovely way of showing my attention, and slave georges seems to agree. Hehe.

~ Domina Jade
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Wednesday, March 8

My Fascination with Waxing

Last saturday, boytoy j and I went to a private party. It was his first time going to a Montreal private party so I wanted to prep him for the party. I decided that it was time to wax the hair from his back. He had a patch of hair at the nape of his neck and down the lower back. I don't mind hair, in fact I love to scratch his hairy chest or warm my feet there but back hair is something I am not too fond of. So it had to go.

I bought my waxing kit with him a couple of days earlier so he knew what I had in store for him. He simply did not know when. boytoy arrived a couple of hours before the party, that's when I decide to cuff him with his leather restraints and tie his wrists over his head. I attached his ball gag harness over his head so my roomate could not hear him scream as I ripped the wax strips off his back. It was so amusing to see him shudder and yell against his gag. At one point I ripped two strips at the same time. THAT was a huge ouchie.

I love spreading the warm wax over his patch of hair, wait a couple of minutes, then quickly strip away the hair. *Chuckle* The poor guy had such thick hair that I literally ripped out the hair roots. I could see how the waxing traumatized his skin that it created little bumps as a result. The bumps went away a few days later and his back is a lot smoother now.

I have contemplated about waxing his chest, but decided against it because I love running my fingers through his chest hair. And if my feet are feeling cold, I can simply lay them over his chest and use him as a rug. Haha.

Later I rewarded his good behaviour for trying this experiment for me with a massage. So yes I can be wicked and nice at the same time. However I prefer to be wicked and hear my submissives scream ;)

~ Domina Jade
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Tuesday, March 7

TOKink 2006 "Help Wanted"

I originally posted this message in my yahoo group. But figure I might as well post it in my blog to further spread the word.

Click here to join DominaJade
Click to join DominaJade

I came across this site 2 years ago and wanted to go. Unfortunately my budget did not allow me and I did not have someone to accompany me neither.

This year TOKink is holding their Fetish event from April 28-30th. And you subbies are going to help me raise the funds for my excursion to Toronto.

I might even hold real time sessions - however I don't have the complete details quite yet.

I am looking to raise $500 for the weekend trip. And you are going to help me achieve my goal by donating to my TOKink fund If you want to please me, then send an e-mail directly for more payment details. Or use the Niteflirt button below:

Donate $50

I will reward those who have helped me by acknowledging them in the group and they will of course get a couple of never before seen photos and a video clip for their donation.

I am looking to raise this amount before the end of March, so get going and pull out your wallets for me. It will be for a good cause. I plan on learning many techniques from the various different seminars. Hopefully I will learn something new like medical play and piercing.


I am also looking for a chauffeur to drive me in and around the city. If you are a masochistic gentleman then perhaps we might even have a play session at the venue. If you are interested then be sure to read my website thoroughly, and send a respectful letter of intent.

-In good shape
-Clean and groomed
-Able dedicate the whole weekend to me
-Has a car in very good condition
-Able to take me to dinners and shopping
-Extremely open-minded and masochistic
-Genuine and sincere
-Intelligent and has a good sense of humour

This is for the financially stable submissives. During my stay in Toronoto, I expect to be pampered and treated with royal attention. If you cannot accomodate me in this way then do not send your application.

Expect to show your i.d upon meeting and you are required to call me for a phone interview.

Good luck to all the applicants.

~Domina Jade
1-800-TO-FLIRT EXT:0696571

Monday, February 27

The Joys of a CB cage

I absolutely love the idea of torturing the sub's most vulnerable part, their cock and balls. It is a piece of flesh hanging out there totally exposed. And it is often their measure of their ego and manliness. But I usually don't see them bragging about their penis once I squeeze their balls real tight.

boytoy j and I went to see the Olypic Stadium on Saturday. But before we left, I made him wear his CB cage. It's such a lovely piece of equipement - made of leather and squeezes every part together tightly. Took him awhile to put it on, well it means he actually has something to put in. *Grin*

What we secretly share is his humiliation while he wore the cage in public. I delighted in reminding him about his predicament everytime I secretly rubbed his crotch. Usually it is meant to pleasure but in his case he hurts from my touch. He wore the cage for 7 hours. He felt the discomfort with every moment together, especially as I whispered wicked thoughts into his ear which would make him hard. And then he'd feel the pain from his loins.

It pleases me when a submissive offers his submission though pain and humiliation. I love it when I use their vulnerabilities to my advantage. I delight in seeing my submissives suffer for me because they know it gives me pleasure. Then cruelly say no to take the cage off because they cannot bear it anymore.

CBT games are amusing to me. It will never bore me because every submissive has a different reaction towards my CBT games. And I will not be completely satisfied until I hear them beg for mercy.

~ Domina Jade
1-800-TO-FLIRT EXT: 0696571

Friday, February 24

Realities of Phone Sessions

I had spoken to a submissive who has feminization fantasies. I thought it was a very good call, as we role-played my strap-on on my little sissy slut. However I get back a 5 star feedback with this note:

"i enjoyed the call but was hoping to speak with a real time asian dominatrix.not sure if i can find one on keen.she has a very sexy voice." 2.13.2006

The insinuation that I am not a 'real time asian dominatrix' is a real disappointment. And here is what I think about this comment.

First of all when calling any phone operator or Mistress for a phone session understand that there are certain limitations like lack of touch, lack of equipment, lack of space, and lack of submissive. So when a submissive calls and says he would like to serve me but happens to be miles away, short of turning this into a financial domination session there's not much that I can do. I can however stimulate your mind when I weave elaborate stories or launch in session details.

When I receive calls from submissives, I treat this as a fantasy unless I am recalling a real-time session in the past. I can treat this fantasy as 'real' as it can get by the way I describe my sessions, the way I bring in details, how I humiliate my submissives by self inflicting pain or direct them to do ridiculous tasks while on the phone with me.

Do I consider this as serving me?? Not quite, you amuse me. I take delight in controlling your penis or your ass. I delight in telling you MY fantasies. Because let's face it, the mind is the most sexual and powerful tool. And it is in my words that can engulf your submissive state of mind.

~ Domina Jade
1-800-TO-FLIRT EXT: 0696571

Thursday, February 23

BadAss Rubber Paddle

I have met sub. alex on several occasions either at a play space or for a session. he is, in my opinion a very good submissive to experiment on. he previously bought me a rubber paddle made out of recycled tires. I love the concept and you can buy it here

Here is my review on the Original BadAss 22"
When I first held it in my hand, I could definitely feel the weight. It's heavy and long, so you have to get use to the feeling and try to balance when spanking someone. The handle is made of metal with a rubber/plastic sleeve. It does have a metal ring to hang against the wall, which can be quite useful. The 22" paddle is probably not the best choice for me because I have small hands and it is on the heavy side. Also be vigilant when spanking someone continuously because you hands will feel slippery from sweat on the plastic sleeve. The paddle gives a nice thuddy feeling, but it will leave marks if you swing harder with the shoulders.

The paddle did give alex's bum cheeks a nice warm glowy look. But when I swung harder it can bruise as well. I do recommend this paddle for the 'scare' factor. But I won't play with this device for long periods of time because my hands did feel the fatigue after awhile (25 spankings plus 1 extra for good luck)

For someone with smaller hands, maybe try the 17" and I would get the one without the aluminum backing, if you want more sting. Rating 8/10

Thursday, February 16

Black series

I had yet another amazing shoot with Fotovation. We spent the whole day over 8 hours shooting pictures. And the result was pretty good. My pay-per-view photos should be available sometime at the end of February or early March. Be sure to join Niteflirt or TalkSugar as I am only accepting payment from those services.

Photos are copyright Fotovation 2006

~ Domina Jade

Wednesday, February 15

An all-day photoshoot

Well I am shooting with Fotovation today. He was the who took the nurse photos. Today I must have more endurance because it will be an all day shoot till we're both tired. I am waiting for my ride as I write.

For sure I am taking photos in my new latex dress that a submissive bought for me a few days ago. He had seen my profile on and e-mailed me saying that he wanted to get me a present of my choice. Since I enjoy shopping with submissives, I invited him to join me for a shopping spree at Northbound Leather and Il Bolero. Overall he spent over $500 on me. I got a latex dress, pvc underbust corset, and latex gloves.

I am tired, didn't get much sleep last night because of the excitement. I hope it doesn't show in the photos, but I am sure it can be edited out.

Anyway, keep an eye for my photos as they will be made available most likely by the end of the month. I should be posting a couple of freebies on my site, but at a smaller size. The rest of the collection can be bought as Pay-per-view via Niteflirt or TalkSugar.


Wednesday, February 8

Naughty Nurse photo set

So these are from a series of Nurse photos that I took today. I had so much fun but oh boy did my feet hurt me after the 3 hour shoot. But it's worth it because the images are kickass!

Be on the looking for when I make them available as PPV (pay-per-view)

Friday, January 27

Photo Shoot

Today I helped a fellow dominatrix take some photos. The photoshoot lasted approx. 3 hours and the pictures are absolutely kickass! She took several of me as well, take a peek:

These were taken on my camera, so the quality is not that great. But I will post the rest of the photoshoot collect in my yahoo group.

Thursday, January 26

An annoying call

This month has been quiet in terms on real time sessions. But that doesn't mean I will be desperate and accept just anybody.

richard, was referred to me several months ago. However a couple of minutes into the conversation I immediately thought "wanker" and rejected his request to see me. However he persistently calls to see if I would change my mind about him. Well his ideal session would be that I would jerk him off while dominating him. He feels that 'we' would benefit since he plans on seeing me many more times - so he says. Anyway, I have no interest in helping someone cum by my own hand. Not only do I think it an unprofessional practice for a pro-Domme but I think it's 'gross' for lack of a better word.

Oh he's persistent I must admit, and he convinced me to have dinner with him. The day that he called, I was in a happy mood so he struck lucky. Dinner was fine, however in his mind he regards BDSM in a sexual way. Oh I have no problems with that, however don't expect me to have any part in it. So I was clear that I have no intention in having a session with him. My ideal session would be with a submissive who is truely interested in BDSM and not about cumming at the end of the session. Well that was a few months ago.

Today I get disturbed watching "The Cave." Immediately I recognized his voice and cut to the chase and asked him what he wanted. Of course, he wanted to know if I would be interested in having a session with him. Well does it involve sensual play, because if it did I am still not interested. His words, "Well it's not like I would be fucking you or anything" Wow, what a stupid thing to say. People like him who call me haven't got a clue. I don't understand why he calls even with rejection after rejection. Maybe it's like a fetish for him who knows. But I had more important things to do, like watching my movie so I hung up.

Monday, January 23

Blasting a photo online

I came across a 'princess' blog. You know that ones who are ultra spoiled and expect every submissive to hand over their wallet?? Well she wrote something in her blog that I totally disagree with.

A submissive submitted to the 'princess' a photo of his nake wife because he wants to exploit his wife. The princess then posts the photo and has more on her website. Whether or not these photos are real, I am totally appalled by her actions. Because the wife probably has not consented to having her naked photos plastered online. It is one thing to actually talk about the fantasy over the phone, but it's another to actually post someone elses naked pics without their permission. I really do have a problem with 'princesses' who show a lack of ethics and common respect but think that it's okay.

I certainly have no problem with embarrassing a submissive online, but only with their consent. I know that I have had lots of fun putting my submissives in humiliating situations but we share a mutual pleasure out of the experience. But before a submissive posts a relatively compromising photo of himself, he must understand the situation very well.

For example I remember a call way back when someone dared me to post his penis photo on various different websites. He had previously played this game with other girls but they did not comply with his dare, saying that it was a bit of an effort. I, on the other hand had no problems at all with his request. In fact I submitted his photo to a site that allows people to "rate your dick." By now he felt intimidated by me and begged me to take his photo off, to which I replied that it was too late. He was quite stupid for allowing himself to be in that predicament in the first place. What insued were "you mean bitch" and other name calling. I simply laughed and put him in his place. I bet he won't be playing that game again *G*

Sunday, January 22


A submissive from my yahoo group sent me this lovely poem. I want to share it:

As I cry
take pleasure
When I scream
no longer hear
When I fuss
lend a deaf ear
refuse to allow me my flight
capture me but your hands remain open
allow me to follow
but there are places I cannot go
stick me in a closet for furthur understanding
remain as aloof as Newly fallen snow
When and where
I will follow
Through my pain I know
in the morning
I am again replaced in my bed of fond amusement.

Saturday, January 21

Another e-mail NO NO

This guy from ALT thinks he's some hot shit and e-mails me 3 photos of himself naked. And writes a disgusting e-mail:

I would like to lick your wet pussy, and to satisfy you with my cock
more pictures from me are in the album or in the network
I would like fingering yours pussy and rubbing yours clit. , and lick much. fucking your hard doggie style, .slam my cock in your wet cunt!
I would like to kiss you and your chests stroke to the nipples am hard. then I would like to suck to your nipples. and with my caught between your lips play to you are completely wet. then I would like with my tongue yours pussy lick to you one orgasmus have. only then I would like with my hard tail to begin, fucking your hard doggie style. and if it does not stand any longer licked I you to I again can, and that I would like to make the whole night,

To which I responded:

I will be quite generous with my words, because usually I don't respond to disrespecting e-mails like yours. But I will kindly say,


Have a good day and by the way your pictures do not depict something that I would like to fuck. I find you quite pathetic really.

Domina Jade

I really don't care about meeting ppl from Alt anymore. I am simply there to read the blogs and interact with the local bdsm community. Other than that I have no use to Alt and their cockshots. What is about guys and girls who send their naked pics??? If it's a guy I will put him in my loser list, if it's a good looking girl I then deem her fake. *Sigh* I did not sign for AdultFriendFinder and yet I find people cruising me. Well that's part of having a prtofile on ALT, you get the good and the bad. It just seems I rarely get the good.

Thursday, January 19

Hell Yeah!!!

I was browsing Jane's Guide and found this site called Burning Rubber, this is what I really really want for my b-day present. Go buy it :D

Happy Birthday to Me

So it's my birthday and I am a quarter of a century old. When I say that, yeah it seems that so much time has passed by but really my real life has just begun.

I was woken up at 7:38am! this morning by my friend whom I have not spoken to in a few months. This I consider waaaay to early to call since I usually wake at noon or past noon. But I made an exception, afterall we haven't spoken for a long time and it was nice to hear from her again. After talking to her, I realized how much happier I am now that I am working for myself and not for a boss. There no commuting as early as 5am in the morning, no dealing with irrate customers, no annoying employees to talk too, and no being on the boss's good side. I miss all my ex co-workers, but not the job itself.

I don't have much plans to celebrate my b-day today. I will leave that for the weekend :D Actually today I have to renew my drivers license. I was supposed to go yesterday but with the heavy rain and slippery ice, I figured it wasn't worth it. Besides it's such a beautiful day today.

Last night I registered on ModelMayhem. Currently my profile is under approval. I hope to collaborate with talent fetish photographers for my website. I already have 2 photo sessions lined up in February, and with MM I might have more coming up.

I have many plans for the website including posting a free video clip of me. So make sure that you bookmark or join my yahoo group for any updates.

I am also looking for story submissions about FemDom. So if you are a good writer and would like to see your story published, then please send me an e-mail.

Tuesday, January 17

January Phone Special

I will be turning 25yr on January 19th, so I am reducing my rate on both Niteflirt and TalkSugar. If you haven't spoken to me before then now is the time to pick up the phone.

The rates are as follows:

Phone only is $1.25/minute
Phone and Cam is $2.25/minute

You will have to register on either website in order to call me. Niteflirt accepts callers from U.S, Europe and Canada. And TalkSugar will accept a caller from almost any country.

The special will last until midnight January 20th, so better be quick. If I am not available, you can always e-mail me or arrange a call on NF.

Domina Jade

Saturday, January 7

Webcam is back

Just a little update, I found my usb link. It was in my speaker box that I was about to throw out. Seems I forget that I also cleared away my broken speakers. Phew, I am so happy I have my usb link back, it really is such a hassle to find matching wires for a no-name brand camera.

Of course I still want the Logitech Orbit webcam but I will also add new PC speakers :D


Also I am waiting for approval from TalkSugar to have a LiveCam listing. I hope my internet doesn't fuck up on me when I am on cam.

Friday, January 6

No webcam sessions for now :-(

Somehow on New Years I lost the usb wire to my webcam :( I was cleaning and threw away my old computer mouse and un-plugging the usb to my webcam that I must've thrown it away by accident. And it's pretty shitty of me because now I can't even offer webcam sessions to my long distance submissives. Perhaps it was a sign that I needed a new webcam anyways .... and I want the new Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP.

See Here So if you are a generous submissive and really want to please me then buy it. You can e-mail me directly for the mailing address.


I have joined as an alternative to Niteflirt. At least on TalkSugar clients can call from all over the world. If you have tried calling me on NF but to no avail, then this is the perfect alternative. Click on the banner below to join.

[ Talk to sexy women live on the phone right now! ]

or call
DominaJade at 1-877-447-8427 EXT: 6239